2020 Birth Stories Favorites

One thing 2020 wasn’t able to halt: all of the brand new little babes making their entrances into this world. What I’ve learned these past nearly 5 years in capturing birth stories: babies wait for no one…pandemic times included. This year was a bit different for me, only documenting 21 birth stories — and missing at least 15 others due to COVID visitor restrictions at hospitals and birth places. That was so so so tough — because these photos are SO NEEDED for families, and it’s just so devastating to have a wrench thrown in your photos birth plan that prior to 2020 you’d never have even imagined would have happened. I’m trying to do all that I can from my end to make sure that I can attend my wonderful 2021 clients’ birth stories this coming year as safely and rule following as possible. The 21 stories I was able to capture this year were stories of love — so much love in these photos, and sometimes that love was a lifetime’s worth squeezed into a very short time on this earth. I cannot thank my wonderful birth families enough for allowing me into their spaces to capture their babies’ arrivals, and entrusting me to forever document their growing family’s memories.

Here is a quick 1 minute glimpse into a few of those births I had the honor of capturing in 2020. Despite a sometimes different look for births this year, I still get goosebumps every time I watch this remembering all of these sweet, precious babes I had the immense privilege of documenting this year.


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