2020's Grateful 366 Project

Year 5 of doing a yearlong (366 days this year!) project is in the books! 🥳 2020’s project documented one thing every single day I was grateful for…which now, looking back, seemed like a very VERY good challenging theme to pick given how 2020 went — and how a lot of days it was so hard to truly find something to be grateful for. (If you want to read each of my daily’s captions, head over to instagram and check out #MooneyGrateful366)  But WE MADE IT…2020 is done, my year of documenting gratefulness in my life is officially wrapped up, and tomorrow we welcome a brand spankin’ new year, that I hope and pray it blows 2020 out of the water in every possible positive way it can.   

Here's 2020 in 366 teeny tiny grateful yet oh so colorful squares...

And now, in video form, here's a quickie 1 minute version and a longer version, complete with the dates for each of the year's snaps!



And lastly, if you click here, you can scroll through my album in Google Photos if you want to stroll down 2020 a bit slower than those videos.

With all that said, this past year was exhausting…and I was THIS.CLOSE. to throwing in the towel for for my 6th time in 2021 of doing a year-long project.  But, I knew December 2021 Alex would be mad at January 2021 Alex for that decision, so I decided I can push through and do it again!  But then I thought: maybe that should be my theme this new 2021 year: simple.  No elaborate theme or goals, just a simple picture of our lives for each day of 2021.  Let the picture speak for itself…thus #MooneyCaptionless365 has officially started!  No captions, just snapshots that hopefully tell you a little something about what’s going on for that day in our Mooney lives in 2021.  So hey yo! Tomorrow marks day 1 of 365 for 2021 and my new year long project is officially underway! 

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