Patrick and Walter

I've posted in the past about my affinity for "mom spying".  I LOVE doing this.  I do it almost every night: I go in and say goodnight to Patrick but spend many a'long minutes just staring at him.  He is just so darn cute when he sleeps!

Occasionally, I'll snap a pic of him sleeping to share on Instagram.  I've even started the #PRMsleeps hashtag to catalog my mom spying of him sleeping.

Well, lately, I've gotten gutsy in my spying, and have arranged his Muppet pal and must-have sleep buddy Walter to the same position as he is, and then snapped a pic.  I know, I know, I'm biased: it's my kid.  But come on, aren't these pictures adorable?!  And hilarious?!!  They really make me laugh every time I look at them.  I think I'll have to make a coffee table book of them one day.

And no, I don't take more than one pic of these a night (or morning--whenever I'm doing my spying)...we just don't have that many PJs :)

Until then, here's the few Patrick and Walter pics I've snapped...I'm sure many many more are to come!  If you search #PatrickandWalter on Instagram, you'll find all of them I've taken...and will take!  Enjoy!  I hope these make you giggle like they do for me!

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