Why My Kid is Crying

A couple of my favorite Instagram hashtags are #whymykidiscrying and #reasonsmykidiscrying.  EVERY.SINGLE.POST. with those hashtags makes me laugh.  I think it's a spin off of the Reasons My Son is Crying site, but nonetheless, hilarious.

So, the other day Patrick really wanted to play with Scooter's dog toy.  And Scooter, being the loving older brother he is, sat back, stayed asleep on the couch, and let him play with it.  Well, our house guest for the week, Braxton, wasn't having it.  He really really wanted to play with the dog toy, and wasn't about to let Patrick have it.

Mom of the year over here whipped out her iPhone and proceeded to record the crying-fest that ensued when Braxton wouldn't let Patrick have the dog toy.  One word: HILARIOUS.

So, this is the reason my kid is crying: the DOG wouldn't let him play with the DOG toy.  Enjoy.

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