Rory & Milo Visit!

Patrick and I (and I guess Scooter too!) got a very special treat today: our good friends Rory and Milo--and their mama Robyn!--came to visit!  They live in Seattle, but were in town for a wedding and to visit family and were able to come over and play with us--and indulge in some delicious IMOS pizza!--this morning.  It.was.awesome.

I guess I should backtrack and give some history: Robyn and I go wayyyyyyyy back.  Like before we were even born, we were destined to be friends...cause our mamas were--and still are!--best friends from high school.  So naturally, as soon as we were born, a mere 8 months apart, we were instant friends.  I have soooooo many of these types of pictures--and stories!--from our childhood that pretty much sum up our friendship, then and now.

Robyn and her hubby Joe moved to Seattle several years ago (tear...I miss them every day! --thank God for iMessage and social media!) and have since had two adorable little boys, 2.5 year old Rory and 3 month old Milo!  Robyn is hands-down the most hard working, determined, biggest-hearted, selfless, amazing person I know.  I can't speak volumes enough about her--she is truly Wonder Woman, and is doing incredible things for this world.  Go check out TinySuperheroes--this is her brainchild and is just pure awesomeness in what she's doing for these kids and families.  What she has done--and still doing--is nothing short of a miracle for so many.  Seriously.  Robyn is incredible, and I cannot share enough with people I come across about the amazing things she and TinySuperheroes is doing.  Oh, did I mention she was just inducted into Warner Bros.' Superman Hall of Heroes?!!  Uh, this is HUGE!!!!  Before I get off on too big of a tangent tooting Robyn's horn, go read about her induction and award here, then go sponsor a kids' cape, or read up on some of the empowered TinySuperheroes over here.  You'll be amazed by these kids' stories.

Anyways, whew, so back onto my post's point: Robyn, Rory, and Milo (sadly Joe couldn't join us cause he was a'workin') came to visit!  Patrick, Scooter, and I were sooooooo excited!  Rory and Patrick are about a year and a half apart, and last year when they visited (a few weeks after Patrick was born) it was great, but Patrick just laid there...

So this year, since the boys were older (well, most of the boys, Milo just laid there this time! haha!) they got to actually play together.  It was so much fun!  They boys had a blast playing in the ballpit and running and riding all over the basement.

Robyn and I also got a lottttttt of time to catch up--this was hands-down one of my favorite days of the summer!  It was so great to watch our boys run around and play together while we just chatted and caught up about anything and everything happening in our lives!  Gosh, Robyn, I wish you lived closer!  Although, since you do, these catch ups are all that much sweeter!

We then attempted to get some pictures of the boys together--uh, OMG. so.freaking.hard.  Seriously.  To try to get them all to STAY SEATED on the couch AND look at the camera AT THE SAME TIME?!!  Easier said than done.  I think we'd have been more successful if both our hubbies were here to help.  Anyways, here's the best shots we got...which are still pretty darn cute!

And then, duh, we had to get a group picture.  Since we didn't have anyone else home, we resorted to the timer and tripod.  I think it worked pretty well!  These are the only 3 shots we took, and they all turned out pretty good I think.  I should mention that Scooter totally walked over into these pics on his own free will.  Seriously.  I didn't call him over or anything.  I guess he saw a party and wanted to join.

All in all, it was such a great day seeing my friend Robyn and her boys, and getting a much needed catch up session (and playtime for the boys!).  Robyn: I love you buddy, and I hope to see you again in person very very soon!

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