Mr. Brown Eyes

I was talking to my buddies Tiff and Lauren (via text) today and telling them how obsessed I am with Adobe Lightroom and how I've recently figured out how to make eyes stand out.  I am no editing genius by any means, but I do like editing and touching up the pictures I take with my Canon.

Anyways, so when I got home from work it was gorgeous outside and Patrick had just woken up from his nap...and we didn't have to be at my parents for another hour or so, so I put Patrick in an adorable new overalls + flannel outfit and had Mike scoop him up and meet me outside with my camera.

I just snapped these pics in our backyard, but I am loving the way they turned out!  I fear that these gorgeous fall days are numbered--the leaves have all turned and are unfortunately are falling rapidly from the trees, and it's suppose to start turning even colder in the next week or I wanted to make sure I could capture these moments with my almost one and a half year old (cue mommy tears--that post will be coming sometime next week--how is my baby a year and a half already?!!).

So, here are a few pics (okay, a LOT of pics! :) from our little impromptu photo session this afternoon.  Fall, I love you so.

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