Mr. October

This weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS.  Seriously.  After having what seemed like a week straight of nasty, wet, rainy, cold weather, the heavens opened up and gave us a weekend full of sunshine and 70 degrees.  It was lovely.  The trees are starting to turn, the pumpkins are out in full force, and it's just beautiful out--I really hope it lasts!

Anyways, so we had a fun-filled jam-packed weekend: baby shower for a good friend on Saturday, the annual Police Dance on Saturday night, a 31 party on Sunday, and then dinner at the Mooneys on Sunday night.  It was really a great fall weekend--with the highlight being a little man in gray and white stealing the show on Sunday evening.

First off, how gigantically pregnant do I look ALREADY at 15 weeks?!!  I'm sure this will be the tune to every picture I post of myself from here on out--and I can say this, because it's about me...however, I wouldn't advise these types of comments to be laid upon a pregnant lady... :) (hint: read this).

We also took a cute little fall family picture (thank you iPhone camera timer) out back before we headed out to the Police Dance (and Patrick got a sleepover date at Grandma and Gramps' house).

Scooter also posed for an adorable little Halloween pic, promoting Beggin's #Howloween campaign (which they'll donate 1 bag of Beggin' (up to 10k bags!) for each post tagged wtih #Howloween!  How cool is that?!!).  He's such a cooperative little pooch.

On Sunday my sister in law Katie and I hosted a 31 party for our friends.  It was a great time getting to catch up with our buddies and seeing all of the awesome new products 31 has out!  I am totally stocking up for #2's arrival with some new bags for me to use for their plethora of stuff.

Sunday afternoon, as is our usual weekend-ending routine, we headed to the Mooneys for dinner.  We went a smidgen early because it was absolutely gorgeous out and I wanted to snap some fall pics of Patrick in the Mooney's awesome yard.  I put Patrick in a cute little gray and white gingham top with jeans and his Chucks and let him loose running around the yard and playing in the old playhouse.  I know I'm biased, but boyyyyy, this kid just melts my heart.  He is so darn cute!  Here are a couple of my favorites from our little impromptu shoot.

All in all we had a fantastic weekend, really capped off with gorgeous weather.  I really hope this weather lasts for at least a few more weeks--because I've got some photoshoots coming up that I would absolutely LOVE to have this weather (and fall colors!) for!

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