39 weeks.

LAST WEEKLY POST of this pregnancy.  WHOA NELLY.  4 days to go until this kid is hatched and I still am in disbelief that it has gone this fast.  This time next week we'll have a new son or daughter and we'll officially be a family of 4 (or 5, counting Scoots).  I really just can't get over that!  Here's a fun little video of weeks 5 through 39:

If you missed my post last week I went through some anxieties and excitements I am having about #2.  I actually feel a lot better after I wrote it -- I got a lot of helpful, positive texts and emails from friends putting my mind at ease about some of my anxieties.  Anyways, in 4 days all of these anxieties and excitements will come to a head!  EEKKKK!!

I had my last OB appointment on Monday this week (which marked one week to go, as I excitedly showed in the above pic :) and all is looking good with #2!  His/her heartbeat was a bit lower this week, in the high 130s, and my belly was still measuring at 41+ weeks (my doc is like, "This baby has plateaued it seems...probably meaning they will be coming soon!).  I had a few contractions over the weekend and this week, but nothing regular or frequent--very irregular and intermittent.  I did tell my doc that the babe is still moving, but definitely not as much as he/she was the past couple weeks.  She said that is very normal, especially since I'm so close to d-day and babe is so big he/she is running out of room.

Anyways, my doc left my appointment saying, "I'll see you on Monday...if not before!"  So we will see if she is right and this babe comes early!  I still don't think so and I'll make it to my scheduled c-section date on Monday...but we will see!

As far as how I'm feeling otherwise, well, compared to 39 weeks with Patrick, I'm feeling pretty good!  However, about a week or so ago the awful awful awful fatigue and tiredness set in with a vengeance.  Seriously.  I have felt like a truck hit me for the past week -- zero energy to do anything and I just want to sit down and sleep.  Luckily yesterday was my final day of school (so officially on maternity leave!  WOOT!) so I can just try and sit and relax (well, as much as you can with a hurricane of an almost 2 year old at home) and wait for this baby to come.  I've been having oodles of trouble sleeping at night as well, which probably contributes to how tired I feel during the day (I swear I have to pee every.single.hour, and then can't get comfortable, and then I'm "awake" so my mind starts wandering and I have trouble falling back asleep even though I'm oh-so-tired).  Anyways, so yay, lots of tiredness, which will transition into a new type of newborn tiredness in a few days!  I actually am looking forward to that though (rather than this!) because it's a whole different kind of tired -- one that is worth it when you look at that sweet little baby and know you are tired for a very darn good reason.

Other than that, nothing else really to report for 39 weeks other than I am oh-so-excited and anxious to meet this little babe in 4 short sleeps!  I cannot wait!  I really hope he/she stays put until Monday so we can do the Easter festivities with both sides of the family, but if he/she has other plans and wants to come before then, BRING IT.  We are ready!

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