Documenting the Bump: Final Installment

So I've spent a'many hours documenting the bump for my second pregnancy, which turned out to be Rosie!  I am so glad I did this and have a written record for each week to look back on, and compare to if/when #3 comes around.

I decided to wrap up my document the bump for Rosie's pregnancy (even though I'm 2 weeks past being pregnant) with a fun little video I whipped up of weeks 5 - 40, and then a massive photo collage/comparison pics for all of the weeks of my pregnancy.  Nevermind I seriously regret not doing this with Patrick, but I am so glad I have these pics to look back on in the future...and something to show Rosie when she's older.

And here's a nifty little massive collage I did for weeks 5 - 40 (as seen in the video above too!)...again, I very much regret big time not doing weekly pics with Patrick, but I'm so glad I did it for Rosie's pregnancy so I have something like this to look back on!  And it'll be nice to have more than 1 bump pic for her baby book...when I get around to making it...a year from now.

I took a ton of other bump a whole lot!  Haha I did log (most of) them when I posted them on Instagram with the #mooney2preggo feel free to peruse those yourself if you so fancy and want bigger versions than the ones below.  (I love me some photo collages--can you tell?!)

So, baby Mooney #2's documenting the bump series is officially wrapped up.  The little lady will be 2 weeks tomorrow (how is that possible?!!  Fastest 2 weeks EVER.) and I thought I'd end my little wrap-up post with my postpartum bump shot, taken at 12 days post baby #2.  I'm down 25 pounds thus far (I think I gained around 45ish, give or take...I stopped keeping track!) and still some to go, but I'm happy with where my body is 2 weeks out from delivery, and know it'll be back to my pre-pregnancy weight (hopefully!) in no time.  Thank you breastfeeding and extreme pumping (again).

So, until baby #3's documenting the bump series...if there is a baby #3?!!  Time will tell!  Stay tuned!  And thanks for 4 loyal followers :)

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