Taking Stock

During one of Rosie's overnight feedings, my friend Tiff's Taking Stock post popped up in my email and I thought I should do another one, since my last one was months ago and my-oh-my how things have changed since then.

Anywho, here it goes!  Enjoy.

Making: A mental list of all of the places I want to hit up with Rosie once I'm off my pain meds and can drive again.  I'm thinking a trip to the outlets to get Rosie some new duds will have to take place.  And Cotton Babies.  And Target.  And so.many.more. places.  Cue Alex excitement. 

Cooking: NOTHING!  Bahaha!  I did just order IMOS for lunch for my mom, Patrick, and I (once they get back from a trip to the park).

Drinking: Water like it's my job.  Guzzle guzzle guzzle.  Nursing makes me oh-so-thirsty.

Reading: This amazing article.  Spot on about c-sections and pretty much exactly how I felt with Patrick and Rosie's birth.  Definitely a good, quick read.  Check it out.

Wanting: To be all healed and off of house arrest.  Ha!  Not really, but I can't wait until the burning pain in my stomach goes away and I can ditch the pain meds and drive again, cause there's oh-so-many places to go.

Looking: At my little lady snoozin' away in her bouncy seat while I write this post.  How did I get so lucky to have a perfect little man and lady?!  So blessed.

Playing: old ER episodes on the Apple TV.  Gosh, these are my crack.  I've seen every episode in all 15 seasons at least 5 times each yet I find myself sitting here watching them again, reliving the excitement I felt when these premiered oh-so-many years ago.

Wishing: Mike wasn't working.  Come 3pm my wish will be fulfilled until 3pm on Monday.  I.cannot.wait.  Hello long weekend with the entire family!

Enjoying: This. Again. So.lucky.  My whole world (cue sappy "awwwww" from you readers).

Loving: That I am on maternity leave until August BUT still getting to teach my classes.  I love being able to still help my students via email and gchat, assign them projects, grade them, and see their work even though I'm not at school, all the while getting to spend every minute with my new little lady.  Technology, I love you.

Pondering: Ideas for Patrick's 2nd birthday party.  It's Cardinals themed!  And on his actual birthday!  --That's about all I've got.  Better get on that.

Considering: Donating some of my pumped milk already.  I waited until Patrick was about 5 months old the last time I donated, but considering starting to donate way earlier this go'round if my supply is enough and I'm making a ton extra.  Hmmm.  We will see.

Watching: ER episodes (my fave!) and Scooter run back and forth bonkers across the house cause someone is mowing their lawn...then trying to sneak-attack lick Rosie while I'm not looking.

Needing: Another pedicure.  I love having my feet and toes pampered.  I'm gonna treat my mom to one in the next couple weeks (when I'm feeling better) as a thank you for watching Patrick so much when Rosie got here.  She has helped us out more than I could ever repay her.  THANK YOU MAMA :)

Wearing: A black nursing tank and pajama pants.  My jam.  What I wear every.single.day.  Mike went to Target last night and got me a few new nursing tops that he picked out and I can't wait to break those in.

Following: My fellow Applecheeks mamas on IG and Facebook and getting very curious as to what the new release just for mamas is gonna be tomorrow!  I'm sure I'll get it.  I'm sure.

Noticing: How clean my house is still a week after I had my cousin over to deep clean it while we were in the hospital.  She did an amazing job.  Now I need to find a way to convince Mike that we should have her back every month, cause dang, she does a much better job than I do.

 Pretty darn good for 9 days post c-section!  Still some soreness and burning that comes and goes on my left side, but overall I feel awesome.  Very happy with my decision for a scheduled c-section this time around.

Admiring: {again, shocking} the little lady sitting on the floor.  Visual above for you.  I just...ahh, I can't even.  I melt every time I look at her.

Sorting: Every.single.size.1 Applecheeks diaper we have!  Girl goes through a ton of fluff in 3 days!  But I love it.  Not.one.leak.ever.

Buying: Patrick's 2nd birthday gifts.  Amazon for the win.  Again!  Thinking of getting him a stride bike, helmet, and art easel.  Maybe some new trains and tracks for his Brio train set his cousin Jack gave him too.

Getting: Really excited about our friends Ann, Drew, and Emma coming over tonight to meet Rosie and for Patrick to get some playtime with his pal Emma.  He has been walking around the house lately shrugging his shoulders saying, "Emma?" -- I think he likes playing with his lady friend.

Bookmarking: Pinteresting?!  Some delicious looking recipes that I'll probably never make.  But pinning them is the first step if I were going to make them, right?!  Right.

Disliking: {and unfollowing} a bunch of "friend's" anti-police stuff on Facebook.  Um, no.  Goodbye.  I don't wanna see that nor do I want to be friends with you anymore.  Buh-bye.

Feeling: Like this. Still.  Living a dream and loving every second of it...even the 2am wake up calls from the little lady.  Soaking it all in cause it goes too darn fast.

Snacking: The last of my Snickers Easter eggs I had stashed.  Dang nabit.  I'm officially out of them! GAHHHH!

Coveting: Family time, and the upcoming long weekend with Mike home.  Even if we just hang around the house for 4 straight days, I'm loving it.  We're a family of 4 and I am soaking in every single second when we're all home.

Wishing: For a good report from Rosie's 10 day weight check/check up at the doc tomorrow morning!  Curious to see how much she's plumped up since we took her last Saturday!

Helping: My students via email with their Timeline projects that are due today and tomorrow.  Again, loving being home but loving that I still get to teach too!

Hearing: Grunts from Rosie while she snoozes, Patrick running through the house (he just got home!), and Scooter breathing heavy cause people came in the house.

That's about all I've got for this mid-week taking stock post.  Hope you've enjoyed it.  Doosey, I know :)

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