Rosie's Newborn Pics

Mike and I decided that we'd save some cashola this go'round and I would take Rosie's newborn pics.  I mean, he did have a point: why pay someone for something I could do?!  Minus the fact that I am c-section recovering, I actually felt pretty good and went ahead and decided to take her pics today--taking advantage of feeling good, Mike being home, AND wanting to take advantage of a Shutterfly coupon and order her birth announcements.

If you remember with Patrick I did monthly growth/stat pics kinda similar to this.  I've decided to do the same with Miss Rosie, and of course I had to do one for her "just born" stats as well.  Every month I'll saddle her up in a white onesie against our couch and take a stats pic (thank you A Beautiful Mess app for the lovely word art!) with her cute monthly stickers I got from this Etsy shop.  So get ready for that excitement every month...I know you're already looking forward to it #yeahright.

Anyways, back to Rosie's newborn pics.  I didn't do a ton of them--just a few of her in her adorable Raspberry Sorbet Applecheeks dipe and the cute little pink headband my sister in law Katie and friend Sarah gave her.  Then, with some promising of getting to play in the basement, we were able to coax Patrick into sitting and smiling? with his sister for a few pics.  

Excessive amount of pics, I know.  I apologize.

Overall, I'm really happy with the way these pics turned out!  Rosie is such a chill little gal (fingers crossed that lasts!) and I love how awake and alert she was for these pics!  Patrick definitely is warming up to his sissy and I'm sure in no time they'll be best buddies--and then enemies 2 seconds later.  I'm ready for that.

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