Rosie's 2 Month Check-Up

Miss Rosie turned 2 months old on Saturday, 9 weeks old yesterday, and today she had her 2 month check-up at her doctor's office.

I elected to take Rosie solo to her appointment this month so Mike could stay home with Patrick and we didn't have to cart that ball of energy with us in a teeny tiny exam room.

If you remember from last month at Rosie's 1 month check-up, she was a chunkster already: almost 12 pounds, and in the upper 90s percentiles for height and weight.  Well, Rosie didn't fail to keep up with her chubalub status this month.

She is chunky and semi-long, and her noggin' is definitely growing too!  Our pediatrician said, "Well, we know you make some good milk because both of your kiddos have no problem packin' on the pounds!"  Ha!  Well said doc, well said.

Overall Rosie had a stellar appointment: met all of her 2 month milestones (holding her head up, allowing weight on her legs, following you with her eyes, smiling, cooing and talking, etc...), and was oh-so-smiley and chatty with the doc during her entire exam.  Our doc even asked, "Is she chill and content like this most of the time?"  And I said yes, she is a very happy and chill baby, much like her big brother.

I took this video before the doc came in.  I may or may not have had a soda for dinner last night... :)

She did get 4 terrifying (for me, her terrified-ness only lasted a minute or so, then she was cool as a cucumber again) shots and 1 oral vaccine.  I remember with Patrick's 2 month shots that he was super fussy the rest of the day and evening--hoping and praying that she isn't!  She may get her first dose of Tylenol then :) 

Since our big gal is 2 months old and sleeping so well (and since Mike has a crazy schedule and gets home usually after we're all asleep), we're going to put Rosie in her bedroom for night time tonight.  Fingers crossed it goes well and she still gives us a good 7-8 hour stretch right off the bat!  I think she'll actually sleep better in her bed (she naps 3+ hours like a champ in there every afternoon) since she won't hear me getting up to go pee, Mike coming in late, and so on.  Again, fingers crossed it goes well!!!  I'll definitely keep you posted :) 

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