Weekend Recap

Last week was rough.  Rough as in we were inside the.entire.week. because of torrential rain all day every day.  And I'm not even exaggerating.  If you read my post late last week about how I was going stir crazy and decided to break the monotony with some pics of the kiddos...that was about the extent of the excitement last week.  Oh, I did have to make a mad dash to my OB because I *thought* my c-section scar was infected (again--it got infected after Patrick was born), but it had been 10 weeks since I delivered so I thought that was kinda long, but either way, I went to get it checked out.  Luckily it wasn't--just a cyst (that my lovely OB drained and bandaged for me)--and no antibiotics or anything was needed!  Woo hoo!  Of course Rosie came with me and I snapped this lovely exam room selfie, cause, I live for that.

And of course I couldn't resist a lovely RBF pic of Ro Ro as well.  Gosh, I'm biased, but she's just freaking adorable, isn't she?!

Anyways, after the terrible awful rainy week was over (and Mike was also working 3-11pm alllllll week too so that sucked) there was a light at the end of the tunnel--literally.  Friday night the skies parted, Mike was off, and we headed to my cousin's graduation party.  BUT!  First, since we were all jazzed up, we decided to do some quick family pics, thanks to the awesome camera remote app on my Apple Watch.

The graduation party was so fun--Patrick had a blast running around like crazy with his cousin Ethan (literally, they ran everywhere.  Patrick fell I can't remember how many times and kept re-opening the cuts on his already scraped-up knees.  We've gone through a lot of bandaids recently) and Mike and I enjoyed catching up with some of my family and passing Rosie around...who clearly has perfected resting bitch face (RBF)...I mean, COME ON.  Look at that glare.

On Saturday we headed to my grandma Goose's nursing home to watch The Great Race go past, since it was starting in Kirkwood and going right past the Pond on their way to get on the highway.  Of course I had to snap a few pics of Rosie and Patrick before we left, cause, I can't resist an empty couch that's well lit.  

Needless to say, this was heaven for Patrick: cars and trucks and a giant parking lot for him to run around in, and plenty of adults to chase him.  He LOVED it!

Rosie was spoiled by her great grandma and her great great Aunt Anita, being passed back and forth in the shade.  I'm pretty sure she was in heaven as well.

Once we got home after a quick lunch we all took siestas.  When we got up, since it still was oh-so-nice out (low humidity!  SUNNY!  NO RAIN!), we decided to bust out Patrick's water table he got for his birthday in the driveway and let him play in it.  Mike, Rosie, and I camped out in lawn chairs and let him have at it.  He was having a blast with the water and hose, and loved coming over and "feet! wet!!" and giggling like crazy once he soaked our feet and legs.

I snapped this pic of Mike and Rosie, and, there's no denying it, she is definitely his!  Gahhh, those Mooney genes are so strong!  Not saying my kiddos don't look like me (okay, I'm saying it, they don't)--but they sure are spitting images of their daddy!

it's like I'm holding a mini Mike.

Later Saturday night I had a bachelorette party to attend.  My friend Ann and I were just going to go to the dinner part, since we both just had babies (her son Ollie is 6 weeks younger than Rosie) and our boobs couldn't handle being gone from our burritos more than a couple hours.  Either way, it was so fun to get out and have some girl time with our friends over great Chinese food and drinks!

On my way to drop Ann off at home, we decided to stop by Strange Donuts for their "Stranger" donut of the weekend: Chocoattack.  OMG.  It was freaking amazing.  Two chocolate donuts glazed with raw cookie dough in the middle.  I wish I'd have gotten another one to have tonight--it was ah-mazing!

To be honest I could only eat half--oh so rich--so Mike had to help me eat the rest.  I'm sure he wasn't upset about that :)

Today we were woken up to more rain and storms (wahhhh!  Our grass desperately needs to be cut but is oh-so-wet it can't be yet!), but it cleared up mid-morning and we decided to hit up the pool for an hour or so before nap time.

Actually, in addition to the new super awesome programmable coffee maker and custom Patrick and Rosie mug we got Mike, we also let him sleep in for Father's Day so, naturally, everyone (including Scooter, not pictured under Patrick), wanted to be .2 inches away from me.  Typical.

Anyways, so we got to the pool a little before noon and shockingly it was empty.  Like we were the only people in the kiddy pool!

Patrick must've been tired, because he kept getting freaked out by the bucket spilling (whatttt?!!) and was kinda whiny.  I guess we pushed it going so late close to nap and lunch time.  Whoops.

I did get some good shots of him though with my GoPro, so it wasn't a total wasted trip :)  Plus Rosie was content in her natural habitat of "no look no care" snoozing on the sidelines.  One day she'll join us...maybe.  Ha.

Anyways, so we came home and took siestas again (well, everyone else did, I cooked some delish cheesy potatoes for our Father's Day BBQ), and then we headed to the Mooneys for dinner.

Since everyone was in town and in attendance, we snapped a quick Mooney family picture!  This was the best one I got--but I think it turned out pretty good :)  Snaps to my mom for getting it!  It is hard to get more than 2 people to smile and look at the camera at the same time, so this shot was impressive.

I also got a cute pic of Patrick adjusting Rosie's headband, and that just melts my mama heart.

Anyways, that's about all for our exciting weekend around these parts!  I've got a couple weeks left before I have to go back to work for 2 weeks and get the new student computers and such set up for next year...and then I'll have 2 more weeks off before I'm back working full time at the beginning of August.  I'm excited about going back to work and seeing my work buddies and teaching again, but I'm also sad, because it has been absolute amazing chaos this summer thus far and I've just loved it.  Gahhh, I'm stopping myself now before I get too sentimental and start getting emotional about leaving my bebes again.  I'm sure a debbie downer sad post about that will be coming soon--stay tuned friends, I'm sure you're sitting on the edges of your seat for that.

That's about all I've got!  Have a fantastic week friends!

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