Upworthy Post

EEEEPPPPPP!  So I've do a bit of freelance blogging here and there--mostly around educational technology--but lately I decided to see if I could get my feet wet doing some writing for a big time site: Upworthy.  A friend from high school posted that her company (Upworthy) was looking for freelancer bloggers so I shot her an email and got the ball rolling--I had THE PERFECT blog to do for this "uplifting" site: TinySuperheroes.  I wrote up a pitch and sent it in, fingers crossed.

Well, fast forward to today: my pitch was accepted (woot!), I did oodles of revisions and drafts, and then I get an email today in my inbox saying my post went live.  YEE-FREAKING-HAW!  I was so excited!  So excited that something I wrote was actually going to be read by more than my 3 loyal readers here AND, most importantly, that my good buddy Robyn's business was going to get some time in the spotlight--and hopefully get some people to sponsor some capes!

Robyn is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I love her so much--and the stuff she's doing with TinySuperheroes is nothing short of amazing.  She is the most passionate, kindest, awesomest person I know and I hope and pray anyone reading the post I wrote gives her some support and sponsors a cape for a kiddo in need.

Anyways, my Upworthy post is written below--take a look at it, read it, watch the amazing American Express embedded video, SHARE IT (pretty please!!!), and then maybe go sponsor a cape.  I'll love you forever (wait.  I already do.  You're reading this!! MUAHHH!).

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