I love this weather.

We have been SO SPOILED this weekend by the weather!  Which is funny cause I JUST posted last week about how much fun we had in the snow, and BOOM!  It's 70+ degrees this weekend and not a flake in sight.  STL weather is hands-down the most finicky out there!  Nevermind it's showing me a snowflake on Wednesday and chillier weather all this week...but, let's not dwell on that.  Instead, let me show you some of the fun snaps I got this weekend of us out enjoying the weather.

First off, Patrick got a new Paw Patrol hat and it's his new favorite.  He's worn it nearly everywhere since he got it on Friday.  Isn't he just the cutest little ham?!

Ro has officially boycotted baby food and girlfriend really wants nothing to with it.  So, we're trying to force into her the last few containers of food we have lying around, but, as you can see above, it's not going well.  Ugh.  I may have to just wave my white flag and give away our last food containers and just give in and let her eat what we're eating.  She loves that oh so much.  And I can't blame her, baby food is gross.

Speaking of food, Mike brought home donuts from work on Friday night so we got to indulge in them Saturday morning.  Patrick echoes my sentiments, he goes crazyyyyy when he sees that John's Donuts box on the counter.  I need to get it on camera next time Mike brings donuts home cause it is just the cutest.

Patrick is like a tiny little drunk when he sleeps (follow along with #toddlerbedPatrick on Instagram) and I have NO IDEA how he stays on the bed AND stays asleep.  Funny little thing, isn't he?!

Ro got a new Soft Bums diaper and OMG, it might be one of my new favorite prints.  That rainbow chevron is just the cutest!

Okay, wow.  I totally deviated from my original intent of this post (so sorry) about the weather...I apologize for that!  Onto outside fun pics!

Saturday morning I had a photoshoot with little Abby who is turning one soon and the weather was absolutely PERFECT!  We had a lunch shindig with my grandma and some family who were in town, and then the kids went and took a siesta.  When we got home we decided to head up to the park and it was so much fun!

First off, Patrick and I both were in shorts and tshirts because it was 75 degrees out!  Patrick had a blast running around at the playground for over an hour and Ro enjoyed just hanging out on my back.  My dad came with us too and it was fun getting to catch up with him too!

This morning we got up and it was nice out again (not as warm, only high 50s), but I told Mike I wanted some new snaps of the kiddos together, so we got them clothed up and headed out back for a little impromptu photoshoot.

Sorry.  Wait, no I'm not.  That was only HALF of what I snapped!  Haha!  I wish Rosie's dress came in my size cause it's the cutest.thing.ever.  I got it from my favorite online shop and I really think they'd make a killing selling adult clothing too...

But I think we had some great weather and got some good snaps of the kiddos in today.  I need to find which ones I like the most to get printed and hung up in the house...maybe, this one!

I'll end this gorgeous weather post with this pic...my new absolute FAVORITE.  I love how sweetly Patrick is being to his sister, and the subtle little smirk across her face.  My mama heart is melting.  And exploding.  And, it's just the BEST.

Have a great week friends! 

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