Weekend Happenings

What a weekend!  I swear I blinked and it was over...why is time going by so fast lately?!  Ugh.  Anyways, you've probably already read about Patrick's new big boy bed and Rosie at 10 months old, so I won't go back and regurgitate stuff that's in those posts...so!  Onto greener, untread pastures!

I am still absolutely IN LOVE with my new minivan...like I volunteer to drive everywhere just so I can cruise around in it.  I'm sure that'll wear off soon (hey, it's only been 2 weeks!), but I'm still love love LOVING it!  And, how cool is that?!  I can have custom wallpapers on one of the computer screens!  Totally neato, eh?!

Ro has been such a little ham lately.  I can't get over how many teeth she has and how she whips out that adorable little grin whenever she sees a camera!  She is just the cutest little gal EVER!  #biasedIknow

We made homemade pizza the other night and Patrick was allllll about it.  He kept saying, "More cheese peasss" and dumping more cheese on his pizza...while eating the sausage and pepperoni toppings as well.  Too cute.

Friday night we went to visit my grandma "Great" (my mom's mom) who's in rehab recovering from a nasty infection and fall.  She was so happy to see the kids, and I think they enjoyed visiting with her too.  We don't get to see her nearly as much as we see Goose, so it was nice to get to catch up for a bit with her before we had to head back home for dinner and baths.

Mike had to work Saturday during the day, so the kiddos and I spent some time taking some adorable fluffy bum pics.  The one on the couch melts my little heart.  It is just too cute!  And the one on the hardwood floor were taken about 9 months apart...so funny how they've all grown and changed!

My brother Charlie had a tent for Mardi Gras, so my parents and other brother went down there to enjoy the festivities at his tent.  Since my new ride can fit a bunch of people, they got me to drop them off downtown so they could go see Chuck and his tent.  Well, we were super close to the Crime Lab, so on the way home we stopped by and visited with Mike--and Patrick enjoyed running laps around the Lab's garage!  Obviously it wore him out cause 5 minutes after he asked for Chick-Fil-A and we made it to the drive-thru he was passed out in the back seat.  Haha.

Scooter stunk.  He got a bath Saturday. #YOLO, right?!

Mike ordered me a special necklace from here made from some of my own breastmilk and it came in the mail this week and I love it oh-so-much!  This weekend also marked 7000oz of breastmilk donated by me as well, so it was extra special it came then.  I've been wearing it ever since and I love the subtle little reminder as to what it means.

Our buddy James (remember him from back here?!) had his 2nd birthday party this past weekend, so we got dolled up (haha! I joke!) and headed over there for his Ninja Turtles party.  It was a blast--we hardly saw Patrick because he was running all over the place playing with the other kiddos.  And Mike and Rosie totally matched so that was super duper cute too.

After the kids went to siesta land on Saturday Mike and I decided to make a small, marginal dent in our massive wood pile and have a fire, complete with roasted marshmallows and s'mores.  They were so tasty!  We just need to have about a thousand more of these types of dates and the wood pile will be gone!  I'm not kidding.  It's massive.

Sunday morning Mike was off but elected to work in the backyard with his dad, so the kiddos and I decided to head out to the playground.  Poor Ro got stepped on about .5 seconds after I snapped this pic by Scoots and now has a lovely shiner on her forehead because of it.  Eeeek.

The kids had a blast at the park...it was Ro's first time on a legit swing (minus the one in our front yard) and girlfriend had a BLAST.  She giggled and loved it oh-so-much!  It was just the cutest thing ever...and Patrick made instant friends with the girls who came to the park while we were there too.  He was like, "Hi!  I Patrick!  Wanna see my swing?" (apparently he owns it) and then would grab their hand and tell them, "We slide now!"  It was hysterical.

After the park we headed back home for lunch and naps.  Rosie, my dear daughter, and taken to protesting baby food (don't blame her) and wanting the real deal now.  She's got 7 teeth in, and another coming through, and probably her molars sometime soon...so she's ready.  She had HALF a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch plus 10 blueberries and 1 container of baby food!  HOLY COW, right?!  Little piglet!  I think we're done buying baby food now and just giving girlfriend what we're eating cause she seems to be doing really well with it.

We went to my parents house after naps on Sunday for the Super Bowl.  Patrick and Rosie enjoyed the activities and food...and I could have cared less about the game.  Haha!  But I did enjoy the commercials...

Those were my faves.  I don't get the controversy over the Doritos one...it was hysterical.  People are saying Doritos is promoting late-term abortions.  Good God people, no they're not!  Lighten up!

Anyways, that's about all that happened this weekend!  I have a 2-day tech conference this week I'm looking forward to and then we have a 3-day weekend this coming weekend!  Yee haw!  Oh!  And check out this app:

Left is the original, right is the "edited" one I touched up (softened her skin, brightened her eyes, etc...) using the FaceTune app.  I LOVE it.  It's like on-the-go Photoshop!  I honestly use it a lot to brighten eyes up, but it's nice to be able to remove smudges and what not in pics on the go.  It is $3.99 (ouch) but worth it I think...it's super easy and fun to use!

Have a great week friends!  Happy Monday! :)

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