Snow Fun! ...And Other Fine Things.

Okay, before I get into the 'snow fun' point of this post, I want to point out that last week was incredibly boringgggg and thus I didn't feel the need to blog.  However, now that I sit here typing this post I realize there were a few cool things to happen last week, so before I delve into our snowy Valentine's Day morning, lemme recap those for ya.

I am SO PROUD of my students...they won 2 out of the 3 categories for high school for the 2015 Show-Me a Movie video contest.  Before the annual METC conference (nerd conference for us ed tech peeps) they had a big banquet reception for them to show off their movies.  This was last Monday night and it was so fun!  I am so proud of them!!!  You can watch their winning movies here: Clean Up the Earth and Why We Run.

Last week my very first wrap conversion Tula came in the mail and I love it OH SO MUCH.  It is handwoven and feels so buttery soft.  It's already my new favorite Tula and I wear it every possible place I can!  Ro really likes it too :)

Patrick had a several day fiesta sleep over at his Kiki's lake and, I swear this boy never wants to come home!  He has so much fun down there (I think some one, cough-cough, KATE! spoils him a wittle bit :) and whenever he gets home he immediately asks when he gets to go back to Kiki's lake.  It is so cute to watch him get so excited about going down there!

Rosie has boycotted baby food lately and just wants the real deal.  Her 8th tooth popped through in the past few days, so she's happy to use those chompers to eat real food.  Current favorites are grilled cheese, PB & J--anything really.  And Ro sure misses her big bro when he's gone...and has to fend for herself with Scoots...

...but gets so exited when he comes back!  The smiles and giggles she gives him are unmatched!

Just a few cute snaps of diva dog, just because.  Oh!  Happy Valentine's Day too!  I hope Cupid was good to you :)

Speaking of Ro, girlfriend woke up on Saturday with a nasty cold.  She looks so miserable and pathetic (her poor nose!!) but seems oh-so-much-happier once the Tylenol or Ibuprofen kicks in.  Poor little lamb...I hope she feels better soon!  Fortunately she's still sleeping well so it's not too terrible...and no fever so that's good.

So!  Onto the point of this post! Ro couldn't play in the snow today because of her cold...but Patrick is feelin' good so we bundled him all up to let him go frolick in the snowy wonderland.  It was really coming down (whyyyyy does it always snow on the weekends?!!  I want SNOW DAYS off of school!!) so I didn't really want to stay out there too long, but naturally Patrick had other plans.

I brought my big camera out for some quick was snowing so much and hard I didn't want to chance getting my camera too wet and having that cause issues, so I only had it out there for maybe 5 minutes, but was able to get these snaps in before I took it back inside :)

We realized that our neighbor has a perfect sledding hill in their backyard (aka minimal trees and things to run into at the bottom), so I grabbed the sled from the garage, grabbed the GoPro, strapped it to Patrick's head, and off we went!

OMG.  He had SO MUCH FUN.  He is fearless and so brave!  He would have stayed out there FOREVER if I'd have let him, but alas, the warm house was calling and so was our stomachs because it was almost lunch time.

Before we came in though I did do one sledding run with him.  OMG.  Holy fast!  I totally cheated and put my boots down to slow us down cause we were really going super fast and there were trees that we could potentially run into (#safetypolice).

Anyways, what a fun little morning we had!  We're suppose to go to my mom's for Valentine's Day dinner (Mike has to work, boo hiss), but playing it by ear to see how bad the streets are later.

I'm psyched to be off school tomorrow (yay President's Day!) so I get another day at home with my bebes!  Now if only the snow gods would make it snow like this Monday night into Tuesday and give us another bonus day off!  Haha, wishful thinking, eh?!!  Have a great one friends!

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