Bathroom Door - 1, Rosie's Finger - 0  Seriously.  When I posted my weekend recap early this morning before I left for school I assumed it'd be just your typical, run-of-the-mill Monday.  Wrong wrong wrong Alex!  What happens when you assume?!  You got it.

Anyways, so Rosie had her first visit to the ER (well, actually two...I'll get to that).  I figured since this is a milestone (one I had hoped we wouldn't ever reach!) I'd go ahead and blog about it.  Plus, I've been chatting with a zillion people all day asking for the details and frankly I'm tired and thought I could whip up this post and direct them here for the whole, here ya go!

I was at school and had just walked from my office in one building to my classroom in the other getting ready to teach and I get a call from my aunt Kate about 11am.  She was at our house today watching the kiddos.  I thought it was weird that she was calling during the day (she usually texts) but I went ahead and answered it.  Kate told me that they were playing and Rosie got her finger caught in the bathroom door.  No question at all, I was coming home.  My mom was already at my house and said they were going to take her to the doctor--I told them to hold off until I got home so I could look at it (plus, our doc would just send us the ER anyways, so no need to go there).

Well, I got home and eekkkk!  Ro's finger looked awful.  The fingernail on her pointer finger was all black and blue and then there was a deep gash from under her fingernail to the back of her finger.  EEKKKK.  And it wouldn't stop bleeding.  So I called Mike, filled him in, and decided to head to the hospital.  I told him to stay at work and my mom would go with my instead and we'd keep him updated on what was going on.

As soon as we got to MoBAP hospital (which had a special Children's ER) they got us into a room and put a loose bandage on Ro's hand to keep it from bleeding.  Sister Bear was really upset but calmed down once her hand was bandaged up and she got some snuggles.  I was going to nurse her to help her feel better but they told us no food or drink or milk until she was discharged.  Greattttt.  It was lunchtime and almost nap time.  Poor chickaletta.

Once the doc came in (which was pretty fast) she said that it would definitely need to be sutured, and was worried that it was fractured as well.  She told us that they'd do an x-ray, and then if it was fractured they'd send us to Children's Hospital downtown because it was a more complicated situation than they were capable of dealing with.

She was so good and brave for the x-rays (or completely freaked out) and maybe 15 minutes after the x-rays, the doc came back in and said no fracture (woot!) but she wasn't comfortable dealing with the closure there because it was still, despite no fracture, more complicated than they could deal with.  Ugh.  So off we had to go to Children's ER.  It was almost 2pm at this point and Ro was sooooo tired and hungry.  However, she must have been delirious cause she wasn't acting too awful.

I dropped my mom back off at our house and headed downtown to Children's.  Mike was still at work so he met Ro and I there (she was so happy to see her daddy) and despite the ER being super crowded, we only waited maybe 15 minutes before we got back into a room, so that was nice.

Rosie got changed into a gown and we waited for the doc to come see us. I know they don't like to mess around very long with open wounds, so after they got her initial vitals and our paperwork they had the doc come back.  He called for his attending, who then called for the orthopedic (hand) surgeon.  Since the cut was so deep they wanted the hand surgeon to do the closure, which needed to be done with Rosie sedated as a surgical procedure...which meant an IV.

Mike and I plus two nurses had to hold Rosie down for the IV.  Sister was NOT happy about having a needle jabbed into her arm.  And both nurses commented multiple times about Rosie not missing meals and how they had a hard time finding a good vein beneath her very "plump" figure.  Ha.  What's new.  Sister tipped the scales above 24 pounds today despite not eating for several hours--she really doesn't miss many meals.

Once they got the IV in I snuggled with Ro to calm her down and she literally passed out.  This was about 4:30pm, so wayyyyy past her nap time.  Girlfriend was exhausted.  Fortunately since she was asleep already this made the inspections of her wound by the hand surgeon again pretty easy and getting her all hooked up to the monitors and such a breeze.  Mike and I had to leave during the actual procedure (which took about 45 minutes)--and I had Mike go back to work and finish up entering his evidence in and such while I waited in the waiting room.

As soon as I sat down in the waiting room I noticed "NO SERVICE" on my phone.  EFFFF.  How was I suppose to distract myself and not think about my sweet Ro having surgery for 45 minutes?!  Luckily I saw that BJC had free guest wifi so whew, I was saved and could catch up on some emails and other work stuff I missed when I left school earlier today.

After about 45 minutes the nurse came in and told me the procedure went great, albeit a bit longer than expected since they had to go repair her nail bed.  They put in several stitches (I forgot to ask how many!) and rebuilt her nail bed and put a temporary nail on to help with regrowth.  Rosie was just waking up when I got into her and was screaming bloody murder.  However, as soon as I grabbed her she calmed down and seemed to be doing a lot better.

She really just wanted to snuggled, and, as much as I hate seeing my baby sick, I'll take these snuggles any day!

The nurse came back in and gave us our discharge instructions (follow-up with the surgeon in a week, keep dressing dry and clean, antibiotics for 10 days (4 times a day! UGHHH!), and so on).

I asked if Rosie could eat and she said, "Sure, do you need a snack?" And I said, "No, I carry a snack with me always." And I literally whipped out my boob and Rosie ate for 20+ minutes (which is the longest she's eaten since she was like 1 month old!!  Someone was hungry!

Once Rosie was finished chowing down, she was literally giggling when I was putting her clothes back on.  WHATTT??!!  Crazy!

I called Mike and he was just leaving work too, so I said I would drop off Ro's prescription and we were going to meet my aunt Kate, my dad, and Patrick for dinner at IMOS, which sounded freaking awesome since I hadn't eaten anything since 8am this morning.

Rosie chowed down and had a great dinner too, which was comforting to see that she was feeling okay and wasn't having any crazy side effects to the drugs.  We got home from dinner and gave her a spit bath before she nursed again like crazy and passed out...which is about what I'm going to do right now cause mama is tiredddd.

What a day.  Something for the memory books but something I hope I will never ever have to repeat again cause seeing your kids hurt = no bueno.  Here's for a speedy quick recovery for my favorite little girl!  Thanks everyone for the prayers and well-wishes already...I know they're helping!

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