Easter 2016

This Easter is soooooo different than last year's...because then Rosie was less than 24 hours away from joining our family and that seemed to be the only thing on my mind!  Oops!

But this year we instead have an almost 3 year old (who is celebrating his third Easter! --read about his first and second ones) and an almost 1 year old!  Tons of fun, right?!  RIGHT.  Despite me blogging this post at 4pm when Easter is not technically over yet, it is for us--Mike had to go to work (boo hiss) but at least we got to spend the morning enjoying his company!  This most definitely is the first holiday that Patrick was legitimately excited about and understood what was going on--so that was tons of fun to see him soooooo excited about the "Easter Bunny cominnnnnn'!"

We actually have been in the Easter spirit all week--we took Ro to visit Goose late last week and she brought some ears for both of them to wear!  Rosie really seemed to enjoy having some bunny chats with her Goose.

Last night we colored Easter eggs for the first time ever (#parentsoftheyear) and Patrick LOVED it so much!  Again, he was so into the Easter happenings that he got really excited about dropping the eggs in the dye and then putting stickers on them.

The kids, furry one included, were equally as excited about the Easter Bunny coming last night as well they whipped out their ears again and put them on in the tub.  Hysterical, right?!  I thought so too.

Once the kiddos went to sleep the Easter Bunny hopped on over to the Mooney household and left baskets full of goodies for each kid AND a living room full of eggs to be hunted.

Easter morning the kiddos got up around 8:30 (well, Patrick had been up for about 10 minutes with his fingers under the door saying, "MOMMMMMM!  Get me up peassss!  Easter Bunny cominnnn'!" and I was dying laughing cause it was just the cutest thing ever.

Both kids raced (haha!  Rosie turtled crawled as fast as she can go) into the family room to see what the bunny left them.  Ro did NOT want to share her goodies with Scoots.  This pic cracks me up by the way.  The grip she has on his face is like "I mean business.  Back away beeotch."  Both kids made out pretty darn good with some new toys, an outfit, a new book, lots of candy for Patrick, and some new sippy cups for Ro.  I think Patrick was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself!

We then had a little egg hunt in the living room which Patrick did awesome at -- he liked hunting for eggs last year but this year REALLY got into it.  It was so cute watching him one by one collect the eggs.

After our hunt I made french toast for breakfast, which Patrick ate 75% of and then elected to eat cotton candy and chocolate bunnies for the remainder of breakfast...I mean, it is Easter, right?!  #YOLO Patrick.

After breakfast we went over to Mike's parents for a little egg hunt for Patrick (since we were missing lunch with them since we were going to my side of the family--which, side not, holidays are HARDDDDD when you have kids to try to get to everyone's shindig...so I think we're going to have one of our Easter celebrations on Saturday next year which should alleviate some of the part overlapping).  Patrick loved hunting eggs again and Ro loved watching him!  Next year she'll be all over the hunting action I just know.

Here's our last 3 Easters (I couldn't find 2013's pic but that's boring cause I was just gigantically pregnant with Patrick) from 2014, 2015, and 2016...I wonder what 2017 will look like!  I am not hinting at ANYTHING by that statement!  Haha!  I mean, I'd love another kiddo, but whenever he/she comes along we will be ready for them!

After the Mooneys we headed to my parents house for brunch--I made this DELICIOUS french toast casserole recipe that I got from my friend Ann and it was sooooo good.  I am literally drooling at the thought of it and will need to make it again!  I think I'm going to make it for Mike's birthday breakfast this coming weekend because he liked it so much.  I'll have to blog my spin on the recipe (I changed a few things!) sometime after I make it again so I can include some snaps of the deliciousness as well.

Patrick got to do his THIRD Easter egg hunt of the day (#spoiled)--and he was so ready for this one after his practice with his first two this morning.  His only other competition was Rosie and his 13 month old cousin Cole, so he kind of dominated it.  But he was so sweet and kept running his eggs over to Cole and Rosie's baskets!

After a few family snaps we had to load the kiddos up to get home so they could have siestas and Mike could go off to work.

Both Ro and Patrick fell asleep about .2 seconds after we got home (despite a crapload of candy consumption for Patrick he was out like a light) and I got to clean up the aftermath of this morning and sit down and type up this here blog post!  Ha!

It was a fantastic Easter and a great end to my spring break.  I actually have one more day off tomorrow but we're taking Ro back to the doc for hopefully her final follow-up for her finger and then back to work I go Tuesday!  I have a little less than 2 months left of school and I cannot believe how fast it's gone!  A majority of my students are done the beginning of May since they're Juniors and Seniors so I'll really be winding things down these next couple weeks!

Anyways, I hope you all had a great Easter and I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon, cause I can't resist sharing all of the boring details of our life's happenings.

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