Weekend Roundup! (On Tuesday. Oops.)

Late to the game here...oops.  Doing a wittle bit of a weekend roundup on this dreary Tuesday morning...BUT!  I can include our Monday shenanigans as well.  Lucky you!

So Patrick was gone all weekend at my aunt's lake.  Lucky duck.  So this little lady above got a whole bunch of solo time with mama and daddy!  However, honestly, I think she really missed her big bro--as did I.

Here are a few snaps my aunt took of their lake fun this weekend!  He is in heaven when he gets to go down there and is spoiled rotten (as was I at his age by my auntie!).  His favorite meal is appetizers, and loves his finger food!  I think he loves being able to sit in front of the TV and watch his shows while eating (who doesn't?!!).  Overall he had an absolute blast at the lake (I'm so jealous.  I love the lake!!) and keeps talking about when he can go back to KiKi's lake.

This little lady had a blast this weekend too.  Although she really missed her bro, she did love all the extra snuggles with mom and dad.  And she got some solo swing time as well at the park and just loved that.

Ro is also THIS.CLOSE. to crawling.  SO CLOSE.  Yet she'll get in her position, rock, then flop down and prefers to roll.  It's so funny cause Patrick did this exact same thing!  I bet Rosie will be crawling SOON, and then walking before we know it!  Ahhh, sedentary baby: I miss you already!

Saturday night was my sister in law's birthday party -- we went to a local wine/painting place and had some lady time and got to paint!  It was so much fun.  I absolutely love the way my painting turned out (it's already hung in the house!) and I had a blast hanging and gabbing with my girlfriends.  This doesn't happen too often and makes me really appreciate the adult time I do get to spend with them.  Which makes me want another Girls' Weekend REALLY badly.

Sunday was absolutely GORGEOUS.  Seriously.  It was just perfect out (albeit a bit windy) and since Patrick was gone it was weird just being the three of us (Mike was off this past weekend.  Woot!)...so we elected to go for a short walk (Tulas, I love you so) then grab a blanket and hang out in the front yard.  Rosie loved it a lot and wouldn't dare venturing off her blanket...unless it was to grab a handful of grass and dirt.

Patrick got home just in time for his nap (he crashed!) and Mike went out back to organizing the heaping wood pile we STILL are dealing with (speaking of, if you're local to STL, give me a shout if you want some!  I WANT IT OUT OF MY BACKYARDDDDD!).  I snapped this pic of him just as he was waiving to me from our bedroom window.  I do love the wood rack Mike and his dad made to keep the wood on that we are keeping ourselves.  As soon as we do get the backyard cleaned up we have a swing set a friend is giving us that we need to pick up and set up.  I can't wait!

Sunday night we went to my parents to celebrate my dad's 59th birthday!  Patrick lovingly loved on his sister (who he hadn't seen since Thursday!) and then helped my dad open his present -- and I cringed as he destroyed that glorious wrapping paper.

We snapped an entire family pic as well to send to my cousin Jordan and his wife Kim to congratulate them on the arrival that day of their new baby girl Audrey!  I am so excited for them I can hardly stand it--Rosie and I already have tickets to fly out and see them in July!  I can't wait!

Ro turned 47 weeks old on Monday (OMG.  Where has the time gone?!!) and she'll be ELEVEN MONTHS OLD this coming Sunday.  I cannot believe it.  Seriously!  

I did finish her birthday invites (blog readers you get a sneak peek!) and will be sending those out soon.  Her party is donut themed!  How appropriate, right?!

Have you seen these Pop Socket things?!  They're pretty cool -- they give you a grip (perfect for selfies!) on your phone AND allow it to be a kickstand for watching shows.  Anyways, one of my students is an amazing entrepreneur and has her own personalized gifts business and I had her make me one of these with (what else?!) a donut on it!  I love it!

It was so pretty yesterday when we got home from work (71 degrees!!) that we saddled the kids up and went for a walk to the park.  They had SO MUCH FUN and the weather was just gorgeous!  We ran into our friend C.S. at the park (I use to work with her mama) so it was great catching up with them.  Patrick was a drama llama on the way home and didn't want to walk ("Hold you!!!" is what he whined pretty much the entire way home) -- so next time I told Mike we must remember to bring the toddler Tula as well.

To conclude this post I'll share my excitement for being selected to be a Brady Bands rep!  I love love LOVE their headbands oh-so-much (seriously, they're the only ones that don't slip out of my rat's nest of what I call hair AND don't give me a headache from wearing them all day long!) that I get to tell other people how awesome they are now too!  Definitely check them out here (they donate 10%+ of each sale back to childhood cancer research--how cool is that?!) and grab yourself one (or 10, as I clearly have)! of their headbands!!  They have a billion prints and patterns to choose from and different styles as well!  You can use the code AM15 for 15% off your entire order as well if you find something that tickles your fancy.

Anyways, that's about all I have for this weekend roundup on Tuesday.  Have a great one friends!

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