The title says it all: SPRING BREAK IS HERE!  I am so excited!  No school for me until the 29th anddddd I get to spend the entire break with my babies!  I.can't.freaking.wait.

This year's spring break is a wittle different than last year's, but I'll take it!  I don't have anything really "planned" for me and the kiddos to do like I did for Patrick and I last year, but that's perfectly fine: we're going with the flow and doing whatever we feel like for that day!

Well, I should say I have ONE THING on my spring break agenda that must get done: finish reorganizing/cleaning out the backroom of the basement.  That will definitely get done (actually, the kids are spending an entire evening/next day till after nap time with my in-laws so I can finish up the basement) because we have a couple birthday parties coming up in a few weeks so it HAS TO get finished.  #motivation, right?!  RIGHT.

Anywho, it's spring break and I'm struggling to stay awake typing this post however I'm powering through to give you all a little update from the week (from where I left off after Ro's accident) before I wave my white flag and head off to siestaland because mama is tired.  I'd love a good night's sleep (ah-hmm, Scooter!) and feel nice and refreshed tomorrow for my first official day of break.  So!  Let's get to it!

First off, since I'm impatient and want to talk about this first, I reached my 10,000th post on Instagram tonight!  The above screenshot was righttttt befor I posted my 10k pic, so I felt like I needed to document the 9999 post before I did this...

Exciting, isn't it?!  I sure was excited about it.  And I'm a huge oversharer (ha!  No secret there!) so I figured I'd have to add this little tid bit to my blog post.  Ro and I had a fun little impromptu photoshoot earlier tonight and one of her snaps happened to be my 10,000th...she really is such a great little model, isn't she?!  I'm biased, I know.

Okay, speaking of Ro, girlfriend is doing SO WELL after her accident on Monday.  We've only had to give her her prescription pain meds like once, and just have been giving her antibiotics (4 times a day! SHEESH!) and keeping an eye on her hand to make sure it's not swollen, oozing, or smelly.  We have taken off her wrap a few times to check on it and it's all lookin' good!  She does have a little cold now (I blame the cesspool of a waiting room at Children's Hospital for that) but we're hoping that is on its way out and she'll be back to feeling like herself in no time.

She's adapted SOOOOO well to not being able to use her finger/hand!  I'm really in shock--and it doesn't seem to bother her that much to be without it and just having to use her left hand.  Even crawling, which she just started doing last week, it is going amazingly well!  What a trooper she is, and so very resilient! 

So I took off work on Tuesday to stay home with Ro (which she was completely fine, but still, I wanted to MAKE SURE of that), and Mike was off as well!  The weather was gorgeous and we ended up having a fun little family day--we walked up to vote and had a lot of fun playing outside!  It was a great little day off, especially since Ro was doing so well!

On Wednesday I got to present to a class at school of Women's Health students all about breastmilk, breastfeeding, pumping, and cloth diapering.  It.was.awesome.  I talked for 80 minutes straight to them and it was just so awesome -- and as much as I loved talked to the girls, I feel like they really liked listening and discussing things back with me!  Here are a few snippets of emails I got from them after my presentation:

Hi Mrs. Mooney,
Thank you so so much for coming to the Women's Health class and talking to us. This was an opportunity that normally students do not get and it actually changed my view on things a lot. I never in my life wanted to breastfeed or have anything to do with cloth diapers. Now my viewpoint has changed extremely. I cannot thank you enough for how much fun you made the presentation and how interesting it was. 
P.S. Your dog's instagram is fantastic.

Thank you so much for coming in and sharing information with my health class on breastfeeding and clothe diapers. I did not have much knowledge of either of these topics and now have totally different views on them. I was pretty against cloth diapers but now that you explained your reasoning and the process of it, I could consider using these in the future. Again, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to inform us on a little bit of motherhood. 

Mrs. Mooney, 
Thank you so much for taking the time out of you day to come speak to us in Women's Health yesterday!! I really learned a lot but what really stuck out to me was cloth diapers. I had no idea how they even worked. I learned that they are fairly easy to clean and they have all kinds of cute designs. I didn't know they made them like that! You really changed my opinion on them! Thank you again for coming in, I really enjoyed it!!

Those types of emails make my heart smile and make me love so much the school that I'm so lucky I get to work at!  I just loved talking to them (no surprise there, I love me some mama talk!) and would do it again in a heartbeat!

We went and visited Goose on Wednesday night and brought her a new present: a framed pic of all of her great grandbabies, including her newest one Audrey who was born on February 28th!  She was so happy and proud to show those off around her nursing home -- and you can just tell how much she's beaming in that pic!  

Mike always refers to Rosie's ponytail as her antenna, and he's right, it totally looks like one.  I always get the best cell phone reception when I'm holding her for some reason :) 

No words.  Pure shenanigans.  These kids are just too funny!

Thursday was St. Patrick's Day and I wore my Mullanphy Stick Crew shirt to school and not one person "got" it!  What.the.heck!  I was shocked at that...so, if you want to know what it means, GOOGLE IT.

So I'm thinking we may need to sign Patrick up for soccer, cause he was really REALLY good at kicking the ball around the Mooney's backyard the other night!  And isn't their backyard awesome?!!  I can't wait for my mini-sessions there in a few weeks!!

The middle pic is Patrick making his "funny face" for me.  Funny?!  No.  Adorable and heart-melting, YEPPERS.  And the bottom pic is Patrick snoozing away at the Mooney's this afternoon.  That marks day 78 of 78 of my 366 Instagram project!  I'm so proud of myself I'm still going strong and have such an awesome variety of snaps!!  Isn't he just the cutest snoozing away?!!

So Rosie is the spitting image of her dad.  Mike: there's no denying her, she looks exactly like you!  Those Mooney genes are so.darn.strong!

I'll end this post with the fact that Rosie was 49 weeks old this past Monday (OMG too fast! TOO FAST!) and fast approaching that 52 week mark when her birthday week will be here.  I really REALLY cannot believe how fast it's gone!  Mike: now we need a third...I miss the babiness of my babies!!! :)

Have a great weekend friends! :) I'll be basking in my spring break glory for 10 days until I'm sure I'll be writing some sob post about how spring break is over and I have to go back to work.  Alas, until then, I'll just be excited about my days off NOW!

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