GUESS WHAT PEOPLE!  It's officially summer and I am so freaking excited about it I could just scream.

We had our last meeting today and then a nice little BBQ and now I am freeeeeeee until August 1st! EEKKKKK!! So exciting, isn't it?!  I know it's gonna fly by because of all of the things and trips we have planned, but I'm determined to take each day at a time and savor each of it, however crazy it may be, and make this the best summer ever.

Before I delve into the past few days of end of school fun, I wanted to first jump into this:

Um, AMAZING, right?!!  I got to capture another birth earlier this week (hellllllo middle of the night!) and it was incredible.  It put my already crazed baby fever on overdrive.  I'll include a few more of my favorite snaps from this birth below, but you can go here and check out even more.

Freaking amazing, right?!!  Birth photography is my absolute new most favorite thing to snap and I cannot wait to do some more in the near future.  I'm living vicariously through these amazing mamas giving birth until my next little burrito comes along, whenever that may be.

I'm just finishing up editing all of the snaps from the wedding we shot last weekend, and I got a few pics (well, Mike and I got!) of candid shots of each of us being a photog!  I absolutely love this one I got of Mike ^^^, and then love the ones Mike got of me below that I put my view within them as well.

I think the pics turned out great, and I really am happy with the shots we got.  I hope the bride and groom like them as much as we do!

 Patrick asks nearly every day to go to "Bear Park Pool," and since it's been getting warmer and warmer out we have been happily obliging!  I absolutely love our hoosier pool and all of the fun times we have had in it already!  It definitely was worth every penny of the $59 clearance dollars I got it for!  Both kids love it so much (especially Ro and her new found floatie), so I have a feeling we'll be in it all summer long.

Rosie is this.close. to starting to take steps while holding onto something.  I mean, she's done it a few times against her push car, but girlfriend is pulling up like crazy now and I bet will be walking within a month or 6 weeks.

She's also getting way better with her coordination and balance too, which is clearly evident here:

Last night we unofficially kicked off my {almost!} start of summer break by having dinner at my favorite restaurant with my parents and indulging in our favorite ice cream afterwards.

Ahhhh, sweet summertime!  I love you so much.  Please take your sweet time going by and let me savor every amazingly awesome day, no matter how hot or crazy!  Here's to 2 months home with my babes!  WOOT!!  Have a good one friends!

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