PCB Vacay

Ahhhhh, beach life.  It is SO NICE.  And I'm shocked I'm even saying this since we're at the beach with TWO kids, but yeah, it's quite nice to be here relaxing for a week without a care in the world!

We left STL bright and early at 5am on Sunday morning and got into Panama City Beach a little after 6pm (both in CST -- woot!) -- not too shabby of a drive with 2 kiddos in tow.  I will say, having the minivan is the best.thing.ever. to road trip in: SO MUCH SPACE!  It was so easy for one of us to jump in the back and get the kids whatever they needed (a snack, toy, etc...) and back up front quickly.  Plus, Patrick watched like 8 straight hours of the same Paw Patrol DVD (with headphones!) and it was wonderful not having to listen to that the whole time.  Rosie was pretty good -- she had her whiney moments when I think she was just DONE and wanted out of the car.  Sister is a little diva.

So!  When we got to PCB we had zero plans, and it's been freaking glorious.  I mean, we know we're gonna eat, but other than that our days' agendas consist of breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, naps, more beach, more pool, dinner, playtime, bed.  Repeat.  So awesome.  Yes, there's a zillion things to do down here besides the beach but you know what?!  The kids love the sand and water and mom and dad here love not having to hustle and bustle to beat the crowds anywhere or anything like that -- it's easy livin' here and we are loving it so.

Our condo is lovely: the kids and Mike and I are sharing a room (which is shockingly going better than I thought it would -- we've wedged Rosie's pack and play in the closet so she's got her own little space and it's darker to hopefully entice her to sleep in more since the room is so bright at 6am), Brian and Danny (Mike's brothers) are on the couch in the family room, and Mike's parents have a room.  It's working out great!  And Patrick absolutely loves being surrounded by his uncles and grandma and grandpa.  Can you say spoiled?!

{{PHOTO DUMP...#sorrynotsorry}} -- yeah, there's not much that needs explaining behind these snaps other than I am SO GLAD I brought my GoPro to capture some of these water pics AND gotten my iPhone out too for some as well.  Their little faces lighting up while playing on the beach and in the waves is just the best thing ever.

So yeah, that's about it!  I mean, I could go into detail for each pic I guess but that's boring...I think they pretty much speak for themselves.  I really don't need to do a play-by-play either because each day thus far has pretty much been the same and it's been amazing.  I love vacations like this with little to no agenda and it's just as relaxing as it possibly could be.  I mean, I'm on summer vacation so this is icing on the cake for me, but I KNOW Mike needed this so it's been wonderful to have some family time with him not working.

Okay!  That's all for now...I'm sure there'll be another photo dump post later this week for you too.  Get excited!  Next week will be exciting too -- my roomie from when I lived in England like 8 years ago, so that'll be super fun to share some stories and pics from her first trip to the US!

Alright!  I think I'm gonna try and sneak in a little nap before the burritos get up.  Have a great one friends!

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