TinySuperheroes Night at the Ballpark

What a fun night we had!  A few weeks ago my good buddy Robyn (from TinySuperheroes) asked me if the kids + Mike and I would like to join them for Superhero night at the Cardinals game -- because the TinySuperheroes squad was going to be there and be featured as part of the pregame festivities!

Mike was off (woot!) and we decided to go -- brave the hot heat and take both (gasp!!) kids to the game!  This was Ro's first Cardinals game and Patrick's second.  We were feeling ambitious.  BUT I made sure Robyn was totally okay with us bailing early (like maybe even before the game would start!) if the kids were melting down.

Of course I told Robyn I'd gladly bring my big camera to snap some pics of the festivities, and I'm so glad I did because I feel like I got some great snaps!

We had to get to the stadium early -- like 5:30pm (game didn't start until 7:15pm!) so we could be with the other superheroes and pass out the TinySuperheroes squad cards!

I mean, how awesome are those?!!  Super cool.  Patrick had a BLAST handing them out!

We ended up parking in the crime lab which was wonderful cause 1. in a garage 2. no worries on car break-ins 3. air conditioning 4. FREE.  'Twas lovely.  Thanks Mikey.

We also Tula-ed both kiddos and this was a GENIUS idea.  Yes, we each had a bag to carry too, but it was infinitely easier than letting a certain someone walk or messing with a huge stroller.  Tula for the win AGAIN!  I love them so.

Anyways, so once we got into the stadium and made our way up to the top Superhero area, it was game on!

Immediately Patrick found Robyn's son Rory and loved seeing him and running around in their capes and handing out their cards!  However, the card handing out for this three year old was a bit ADD-riddled because he was so excited/distracted by the real superheroes there!

I mean, was this not a little boy's heaven?!  It totally was.

All of the other TinySuperheroes on the squad were having a blast too, and Patrick loved seeing all of them in their capes and trading cards with them as well!  There were some group pictures {attempted} to be taken and lots of oodling over the superheroes that were in attendance.

About 30 minutes before the game started Patrick noticed the high up seats and field and was HOOKED.  He wanted to sit (we kept telling him those weren't our seats and we'd have to go down to get to ours) and just look at the field.  SO SO SO different from his first game we took him to last year!

Anyways, we decided to head to our seats and get some food (nachos and hot dogs!) and watch the game.  I think Ro was excited to get out of the Tula.  Girlfriend was SO sweaty.

After I waited, not kidding, 20+ minutes in line for food, the kids, who were starting to breakdown rebounded for a good 30 minutes and were enjoying the game and being silly until we decided to wave our white flags and call it quits and head home.

We did have someone take a family snap of us and nevermind Ro isn't looking it was a pretty good pic if I do say so myself.

So in the 3rd inning we packed the kids up, put them back on our backs, and headed out.

Seriously.  Tulas are the best things EVER and I am so so SO glad we have an arsenal of them to choose from to carry our kiddos and make outings more enjoyable.

Anywho, we got home a little before 9, gave the burritos baths, and the properly passed out as soon as their clean little heads hit the pillow.  I decided to stay up a bit and edit pics and then blog this here ol' post, so you're welcome for that because I am SO TIRED and just want to go to bed.  So!  I'm wrapping up this post now reiterating how much fun we had AND for you to go check out TinySuperheroes.com and considering buying a cape for a kiddo on the waitlist!  You won't regret it.  It's empowering!  Have a good one friends!

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