Sugar Beach Sunset

Justttttt after I posted yesterday we had some dinner then decided to hit the beach for the sunset...and I decided to grab my big camera to snap some sunset beach pics of the kids on Sugar Beach.

Wow, just wow.  I am SO GLAD I got over my sand-in-my-camera fear and brought it along -- I am LOOOOOVING how these pics turned out!  I'm hoping to catch a few more sunsets with my big camera while we're here (ah-hm, that means more photo dump blog posts like this one coming your way!) but until then, enjoy these snaps I took of the kiddos and Mike.

Major photo dump, huh?! #sorrynotsorry, per usual.

Anyways, I just love how these turned out and cannot wait to frame a few of them when we get back home!  Ahhhh, the beach is so magical.  Vacation: I love you so.  Stay forever please.

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