Friday Funsies

AHHHHHH!  It's Friday!  And tomorrow is OCTOBER.  WHAT?!!!  I cannot believe it.  NUTS.  This kid is officially 4 months away from being hatched and I am still in disbelief that this pregnancy has gone by so lightning fast.  My next appointment isn't for a few weeks, so I'm still just wishin' and hopin' and prayin' that this placenta gets a'movin' upwards.

Earlier this week we went to Happy Joe's (our favorite!) Pizza Parlor for dinner (I always bring "appetizers" for the kids -- aka fruit and cheese) and Rosie, who is obsessed with iPhones (naturally, like her mama) decided to try and call "Papa" on hers and it was just the funniest thing EVER.

I mean, look at her!  She's got her head down, phone to her ear, chatting away.  Ahhh, a glimpse into 10 years from now I'm sure.

On Wednesdays Rosie has "Rosie Wednesdays" with my mom and they always have the best time -- playdates, adventures, park trips, and so much more!  This past Wednesday was no exception: they got together with some other kiddos for a playdate and had a blast!

You know I'm a sucker for comparison pics!  I can't help it!  This week was no exception: both Patrick and Ro lovin' on some corn at 1 years old, and both of them waking up in the morning with some serious bed head...or as Mike calls Rosie's, "Donald Trump hair."  Hahaha!

Girlfriend really loves her some corn.  She had some last night for dinner too and DEVOURED it.

Earlier this week Mike sent me these snaps while I was at work and they went to Papa's to play (and Patrick, not pictured, to ride his motorcycle) and I just love getting pics like this while I'm at work!  Makes me happy the burritos are having so much fun while I'm gone!

It's no secret I'm a wittle obsessed with June & January, so needless to say I've already started getting together some of #3's potential hospital/going home outfits.  Here are two contenders!  I will be bringing matching headbands too, you know, just in case Patrick is right...

^^^ That happened last night.  I think he's right too, but we will see in FOUR short months!  EEKK!

I mean, they do really love each other, despite one of them seemingly always being too handsy or snatchin' the other one's toys and what not.  Love-hate relationship at its finest.

We made homemade pizza (or should I say Patrick made!) twice this week and he was so proud of showing it off.  "Mom I get to eat my own pizza?!"  -- Yes buddy, you do.  He was quite excited about that.  I'm sure that'll be a staple go-to meal (it's so easy!) into this fall and winter.

So at school this week there was, an um, incident.  I posted it on Facebook to give people a giggle and so many were legit concerned about me falling!  Truly, I was (and am!) fine -- I was sharing more for the exploding lunch tray and ketchup all over me!  Haha!  I need to take a pic of where it "happened" because there are still some food remnants and ketchup stains on the pavement.  Oops.

So I love my J&J but Target has this Cat & Jack line of clothes that is just the CUTEST (and pairs really nicely with J&J) so both of the kids get a lot of lovin' with that too.  I mean, how cute is my little model here?!  Biased, I know.  I know.

Patrick and I had an Aldi adventure last night and if he isn't the spitting image of Mike Mooney, I don't know who he is!

Oh just a Ro and mama selfie.  No biggie.

Two words: sexy pose.  Scoots has it NAILED DOWN.

And lastly, I'll end this post with an adorable siestaing picture of Patrick snoozin' the night away before I had to wake him up "too early mommy!!" to go to school this morning.

Have a great Friday friends and a wonderful weekend!!

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