Family Snaps

I alluded to this a bit in my last post but I wanted to come back here with a new post and share our family snaps we got last night at Faust Park!  Like I said I traded pics with another photog (you can see the ones I did for her and her boyfriend here) and she got ours back to us tonight and I just love them so much!

They perfectly sum up our family and I love it.  Rosie with her signature RB face, Patrick with his little snicker of a grin (and then in the one pic where he's clearly "over it") and Scooter just doing his thing.

Anyways, just wanted to share these with you!  I really love how they turned out (and Sarah loved hers too!) so I'm sure we'll be trading sessions in the future as well because this worked out so good for all of us!!

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