A Whole Lotta Snappin'

What.a.weekend.  I was already kinda tired from last week's whirlwind of placenta previa happenins, but then I didn't really get a moment to breathe before the busiest weekend EVER set in!

We had a wedding Friday night, a playdate on Saturday morning, family photos Saturday night, a baby shower for me then later Saturday night, another photoshoot Sunday morning, and then family dinner at Erin and Curtis' Sunday night!  It's only Sunday afternoon and I'm exhausted thinking back on all week did this weekend! Haha!

Let's backtrack a wittle bit though -- last week our van got side-swiped (not bad at all! just minorly scratched) so that's a lovely thing we have to now handle with getting fixed.  The kids were in the van too and Patrick was so excited to see the policeman come and then reminded everyone he saw for the next several days that "someone hit our car."

Ro got some new June & January clothes in the mail this week and she christened them in the only way possible: getting as much food on them as she could.  YOLO, right?!

Naturally Scoots had to try on some of Ro's outfits too while she was away.  He's always a hit in one of my Facebook groups when he does that!

And I feel like I've been totally lacking in the Scooter pics recently, so here are some ones of him looking particularly handsome and dashing in his sunnies.

The kids got some sweet new toys from their buddy Stef at Sweet Be's and they couldn't be more obsessed with them!  And they can't wait for Stef and her hubby Matt to come over for dinner soon too so they can play with them!

Can we just take a second and appreciate how awesome Ro's hair has been lately?!  I mean, from her bedhead to her on.point. antenna that is so palm tree-esque, I just love her hair so much.  And no mom, we're not cutting it anytime soon.

I love the Boomerang app so much.  That is all.

We had a wedding to snap on Friday (no sneak peeks from that other than these ^^, sorry!  They didn't want any on social media!) and it went awesome.  I've started going through and editing the pics and I'm so happy with how they turned out!  I love my new 70-200mm lens SO MUCH and it's just perfect for weddings!  I cannot wait to snap our last wedding of 2016 in a few weeks!

Saturday morning (Patrick was at the lake.  Naturally.) we went to a local park to have a June & January STL BFFs meetup and it was so much fun!  Well, until the lunch witching hour hit and Rosie wasn't having it (see above evidence) and lost her shiz and wanted to leave, where she promptly feel asleep about .2 seconds after getting in the car.  Girlfriend was tired.  Next time mom needs to remember to bring snacks!

Saturday evening we had family pics -- actually I snapped some pics of another couple ^^ and she snapped some family ones of us!  So we photogs traded services!  It went awesome -- short and sweet -- and I cannot wait to see the ones she got of us! :)

I got home late Saturday after a baby shower to discover my sweet new iPhone 7plus case came in the mail and I'm obsessed with it.  So is Patrick.  I love it so much.  Just wish it had donuts!

Sunday morning I had these family pics with the sweetest family and then promptly came home, relieved Mike so he could sleep, made the kids lunch, edited pics, ran to the store, and wrote this here post!  We are off to Erin and Curtis' for pulled pork dinner tonight and I cannot wait!  Then, behold, another work week is upon us.  I'll just try and keep this in my memory all week to get me to the weekend:

Have a great one friends!

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