September Shenanigans

Whew!  What a weekend!  We did a whole lotta nothing and I loved every second of it.  Fall is creepin' up on us and I'm welcoming it and it's cooler weather with open arms.  I had a few photoshoots this weekend (and another tonight!) -- one on Thursday with 6 humans and 5!!! dogs, one last night with a big family, and then senior snaps tonight.  I love taking pics, but boy, I'm pooped!  Haha!

Earlier last week we went to dinner with our buddies the Fellings, and the little flower-named ladies (Rosie and Daisy) had a wonderful time!  I was so happy to get to catch up with Sarah (who's due with another girl literally 3 days after me!) and Mike got to catch up with her hubby Adam.  We need to do this again more often!

Lately, when I say "selfie", but kids come a'runnin' over and we get some pretty awesome snaps out of it. I am most definitely sure it's just a phase BUTTTT I'm embracing it for now that they like taking pics with their mama.

Saturday morning was the annual Greentree Parade (Patrick's 4th time going!) and we had a blast once again at the parade.  Patrick cleaned up (with his top hat Aunt Mary sent from DC for him) and got SO MUCH candy.  And he's been so good about asking if he can have ONE piece after lunch or dinner.  Hope that keeps up!  haha!

After the parade we ate a quick lunch (read: Rosie wore it) before siesta time and Mike going down for his "nightly" sleep.  I got some house stuff done before waking the burritos up to go to my mom's for dinner and so I could run to my photoshoot for a bit too.

Both kids were little chefs with NeeNee prepping the taco feast and I got this pic from my mom while snappin' at my photoshoot and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen!

The kids LOVE being outside, and I'm loving being outside more and more each day with them because 1. Rosie can walk 2. it's not so blasted hot 3. they are so freaking adorable playing together.  See?!!

They were having a "race".  Haha!

Patrick got to have a sleepover at NeeNee's with Brady (my brother Ben and his wife Erin's pup) and he was more than happy to vacate his home for a night in with his favorite golden retriever.

This morning Mike got home around 8ish so he went to be ASAP so I got Rosie up, got her fed and dressed, and we headed over to my mom's to get Patrick.

How fabulous was her outfit today?!  Gosh I love overalls, and so much more about the way they look ON A WALKER.  Haha.

Once we got Patrick we decided to hit up our favorite spot, Tarjay, because I needed a few things, including a spare mattress pad cover and sheets...because there was an incident the other night with Scooter and his wizzle and I don't want to go into it but it was BADDDDD.  So!  Off to Target we went!

See?!  They just love selfies!

We then hit up one of Patrick's favorite parks before heading back home for lunch and naps.

Gosh, aren't their giggles just the cutest?!!  And Ro is absolutely FEARLESS.  Girlfriend will climb up the slide and go headfirst down the slide.  Gosh, I hope her personality never changes.

So that's about all I've got for this fun little September weekend.  Here's two random yet cute little videos of Patrick reading and Ro giving #3 smooches.  Just the cutest.

Alright!  That's all I've got!  Have a great week friends!

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