Home Again

Ahhh, yes friends, we are indeed home! I mean, that should be no secret if you follow me on any of my social medias -- we got home from the hospital around noonish yesterday and have been enjoying being outnumbered since we have THREE kiddos now.  WOW.  That still boggles my mind that there are THREE of them -- and TWO are girls!  I still am grasping that, cause I guess I just always assumed I'd have boys.

So!  Now that we've been home for 24 hours I thought I'd unload some pics on you (what's new?!) and share a few insights into having 3 kids under 4...now that I'm a seasoned veteran in that area...all one day experience with it and all :)

First off, even though I took some fresh 48 pics I couldn't resist taking EVEN MORE the next day when Annie was looking adorable in her cute little outfit.  This kid is gonna have such a well documented childhood...kinda like her big bro and sis do.

Annie and I took a few selfies the other night and OMG this one KILLS ME.  So alert!  That little grin!  And holy sheesh does she look just like Mike!  I die.  So darn cute.

Speaking of Mike, she 100% (just like the other kids) is his clone.  Hysterical.  Those Mooney genes are really strong and totally trump any of my Pepin genes cause these kids look just like their daddy and nothing like their mama.  Oh well.  Maybe they'll get my athletic abilities :)

Since I'm still teaching my classes, I had some grading and such to do while I was in the hospital, and when I looked up from my computer one night this is how Annie was looking at me and I about died.  Girlfriend has a strong RB face already, doesn't she?!

She really does have the best facial expressions!  I could seriously just eat her up, those chicken legs (which I'm sure won't be chickeny like that for long!) and all!

I picked this outfit out as #3's going home outfit before we knew it was a boy or girl -- avocado (all courtesy of June & January) just looks good on anymore, and Annie was rockin' it in her outfit when we came home yesterday!  Obviously I tossed on a headband (since I threw a few in her bag since I was assuming it was another girl!) for a pic, but she actually wore an avocado beanie for her soiree home to the Mooney abode.

I think she was quite happy to be home...see her waving?!  She was happy to come to her new casa, see her new room, and finally get to spend all day everyday with her big brother and sister -- and fur brother too!

And you know I love comparison snaps...so here's all 3 kiddos at 4 days old coming home from the hospital!

Andddddd one more -- each of them in their "just born!" pic I use for their monthly stats pic!  They all look so different yet there are little features that are most definitely similar with each.  I cannot wait to see who Annie looks more like as she grows up!

^^ Here's Annie's little stat pic -- we're doing her monthly pics on a green background this go'round!  Stay tuned for monthly updates and all that fun stuff to come...which will be on the last day of each month (since not every month has 31 days, so I can't do it on the 31st every month!).  I know you're SUPER DUPER excited!  Oh and I am planning on doing weekly pics with her too -- #growAnnieMgrow will be her hashtag for that if you'd like to follow along :)

So now that Annie has been home for a day, she's had a lot of firsts!  Her first official cloth diaper (which she christened about 3 minutes after it was put on...typical.), first ride in the ring sling, first group pic with all of her siblings, first snuggle with Scoots, first night sleeping in her Dock-a-Tot, and first time meeting (and mean muggin'!) her aunt Lauren!  It was a busy day!

The past 24 hours have really been good -- no "harder" or anything than life was before Annie got here.  She is a very VERY chill kid (thus far!  Fingers crossed it continues!) and likes to sleep and eat, and both Patrick and Rosie are obsessed with her.  The older 2 kids seem so much bigger and older now that Annie is here; however they've been really good about welcoming their new sibling and Rosie has shockingly not had too many meltdowns about me not being able to hold her.  Life was really busy before Annie got here, and I don't think it's going to slow down now that she is, but I can't see it getting much crazier now that she's here!  I actually keep telling Mike I have to remind myself to slow down and that I'm not going to work tomorrow BECAUSE I JUST HAD A BABY 5 DAYS AGO!  Having 3 feels different than having 1 or 2 and I'm always in mom-mode and have to remind myself to take a break (like now! blogging is okay to do Alex!) and take things easy.  But!  With that said, I love having 3 kiddos and it has been so awesome and amazing thus far.  That glorious newborn haze is still clouding my judgement, I'm sure :)

Everyone always asks about the first night at home -- which went pretty amazing.  Both of the older kiddos were asleep by 8:30pm (I think exhausted from their week at NeeNee's with KiKi there too) and I put Annie down about 9:30pm.  I fell asleep about 10:30pm and woke up a little after midnight and fed Annie.  She fell back asleep about 1am and then I heard her about 4am, changed her diaper and fed her, then she was asleep until 8am.  I was WIDE awake by 7:15am (typical) but everyone else was sleeping.  Annie did really well -- only those 2 wake ups! -- so I hope that continues...cause she's been spoiling us thus far with her sleep habits!  The older 2 kiddos and Mike got up around 8:30am and Mike made all of us waffles (after Annie ate and went back to sleep. #lazy.).

The kiddos got invited to Mike's parents to play which allowed me to write this blog, make some apps for the Super Bowl tonight, and get a shower in -- but before they left I took Annie's newborn pics so I could get her birth announcement ordered.

I know I'm biased, but hot dang, she was the easiest newborn I've ever had!  I don't even want to tell you how long these snaps took me to get...cause it most definitely isn't the norm with babies.

I love these pics of all 3 kiddos as well...just melts my heart to see all 3 of my babies together!  Gah!

Okay!  So that's about all I've got for this long (sorry!) little post from the past few days.  We have Annie's 1st checkup at her pediatrician tomorrow morning and I'm betting she's super close to being back at her birth weight!  Girlfriend likes her some mama's milk...and mama here already has plenty to spare for her!

That's all I've got friends...I'm going to enjoy my newborn gloriousness haze for a while and hopefully it'll linger around for a bit and keep everything all sunshiney and rainbows here.

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