Oopsy Daisy.

I'll just get right to it: oopsy daisy.  I overdid it.  ^^^ That was me back in my OB's office today cause I split open my incision.  Oops.  And ouch.  It wasn't hugely open, maybe 1/2 an inch, but still open.  I know I did it earlier this week because I was picking Rosie up (had to! Mike was at work!) and I know I just overdid it.  Fortunately my OB is amazing and she closed it up for me with steri strips (instead of glue.  I do not like glue ever since my incision got infected after I had Patrick and that moron used glue to close it. #eyeroll) and said it wasn't infected (yay!) and looked really awesome otherwise.  So that's good.

But, yes, I admit it, I overdid it and really REALLY have been forcing myself these past couple days to CHILL and allow people to help me.  And I'm going to continue to do some for another week or two so my body can really heal.  I CAN most definitely take care and handle all 3 kids by myself, it's just right now I really shouldn't if I want my body to heal correctly and not give me more problems in the long run.  So!  That is a change for me to really make myself just sit and not do anything and let my mom, aunt, and inlaws help me with the older two kids while I heal.

And gah, I've been sucking on the blogging thing lately!  I cannot believe I haven't blogged since Monday -- but I've been busy!  I actually had a lot of school stuff (projects to grade, etc...) to do earlier this week and honestly, besides a blog post being a gigantic photo dump, I didn't really have anything exciting or interesting to blog about!  Ha!  The joys of recovering and maternity leave.

Anyways, I figured I'd go ahead and whip up a post and dump some photos (your favorite!) and give a little recap of all of the nothingness we've been up to this week.

HAD TO.  Hehehehe!  I figured since I took this pic of Scooter before Annie came I'd toss her in the same hoodie jumper and do a cute little side by side.  She clearly fills it out a bit more than he does :)

Annie turned TWO whole weeks old on Tuesday and I swear it's going by SO FAST.  Her pregnancy flew by and now her first weeks are flying by too!  I cannot believe we're approaching her ONE MONTH birthday.  CRAZY.  And since there isn't 31 days in every month, I'm just going to celebrate her "month birthday" on the last day of each month...which may or may not be the 31st.  My OCD is mildly eeeekkking about not having a set "month birthday" each month like Patrick and Rosie had, but I'm getting over it :)

Annie got gifted the CUTEST avocado pom beanie from a gal in our June & January facebook group!  How adorable does she look in it?!!  Seriously.  Nicest people ever out there!  There is good in the world :)

Annie also joined the TinySuperheroes squad this week and got a brand new cape and onesie to show for it!  She's clearly super thrilled about joining :)

We are 48 days into 2017 (WHATTT?!! already?!!) and my #mooneymatte365 project is going really well!  Here are a few snaps from this week.  I really am loving this project and cannot wait to see all of the pics that'll be captured in 2017.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and I dressed the kiddos in their June & January clothes (poppy! Such a pretty color!) and attempted to snap some pics of them.  I couldn't get a good one of just the kids (shocker.  Rosie is less than cooperative with pictures lately.  Ughhhh.) but did get some cute ones of a few of them and all of the kids plus Mike (all of my valentines!).  And Annie rocked her "first valentine's day" bib her aunt Katie got her too :)  We brought dinner to Goose at the Pond and her lap was literally overflowing with Mooney kiddos!  Ahhh, her heart is definitely full and seeing those kids brightens her day whenever we go by!

I think I've got 5000 pictures of Annie on my phone already!  Oops.  But gahhh! I can't help it!  It's just so easy to snap a pic of her...and her different facial expressions just SLAY ME.  So yeah, I'm sorry if you're seeing these pics AGAIN cause I'm sure I already posted them all on social media, but I'm just so biased and can't help how darn cute she is!  And how cute is that elephant blanket she's laying on?!  Her grandma Kathy made that for her and I just love it so!

Our buddies the Polans brought us pizza earlier this week and it was so great to let Patrick and Rosie run around with their buddies while Mike and I got some much needed adult conversations with our friends!  And Emma and Oliver LOOOOOVED loving on and holding Annie -- I totally think they need a little brother or sister!  Haha!

Speaking of adult time, my SIL Katie's sprinkle is this weekend and I cannot wait to give her her gifts for her identical twin boys!  EEEKKKKK!  Obviously I had to throw in some June & January stuff and then some custom onesies my aunt Kate had made for me.

We've been spoiled this week with Mike off since Monday -- he's back at work tonight (boo hoo :( but we have loved having oodles of family time (and tickles and snuggles!) with him home!  Obviously he's home during the day even when he works too, but he's snoozing, so it's nice when he's off and we get a lot of time in with him.  We sure miss him SO MUCH when he's gone -- and literally count down the days until he's off again :)

The weather the past several days has been GORGEOUS so we've had some playtime outside (and at grandma and grandpas!) and as much as I want to swoop the kids up and take them to the park or Zoo, I've resisted and we've done some outside stuff but done a lot of chillin' inside too (YouTube Kids and Netflix have been the kids' best friends on their iPads #dontjudge).  It kills me to not take advantage of the nice weather, but I know it'll be better in the long run for my recovery that I'm taking it easy.  Tonight we actually took Rosie to the pool and I say and watched her have the entire kiddie pool to herself and have Mike run around and chase her.

After my OB appointment today I did hit up Target (solo! OMG so fun!) and had to pick up that amazing Beatles shirt for Patrick...and then I came home to the cutest moccs my good buddy Tiff sent Annie (which will be PERFECT for her Easter outfit!) so it was overall an awesome day.  Tomorrow I have a few errands I need to do (my mom is taking Rosie for a bit to help me out...and Patrick is (where else?!!) at his vacation home at Kate's Lake) so Annie and I will get some shopping in before my SIL's babies (twins!) sprinkle tomorrow night.

It still feels weird that I have all of this time "off" work (like I keep thinking I have to work tomorrow!) but I'm definitely keeping busy doing lots of things with the kids and REALLY REALLY trying to take it easy for a few more weeks until I feel better.  I have to keep reminding myself of this (again! broken record here!) because I did just have major surgery and have an 8" incision across my gut.

Anyways, that's all I've got for this post!  Have a great weekend friends! :)

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