Life Lately.

Ahhhhh, life with 3.  Actually, it's pretty sweet actually, and absolutely NO harder (thus far! knock on wood!) than having 2 was.  Annie is actually the easiest right now -- my older two drama llamas are the ones that are going to give me gray hairs.

So!  What have we been up to lately since we became a family of 5?  A whole lot and nothin' all at the same time.  We've done 10 times more stuff than at this point when we brought Rosie home, and I think that's due to the fact that we have 2 older kiddos who don't really do well with the "let's sit on the couch and veg" attitude.

We took Annie to her "day after discharge" (well, really two since we got home on a Saturday and the ped isn't there on Sundays) appointment on Monday and girlfriend is already back up to her birthweight! WOOT!  The doc was so happy with her that we don't have to go back for a week/two weeks check -- our next appointment isn't until she's a month old!  Yay for staying out of the doc's office!

Annie also got her first bath at home earlier this week too and she didn't hate it...but I don't think she loved it much either.  Can't wait until her cord falls out and we can do full on baths instead of these silly little spit baths.  But yay for the bath seat working for her just like it did for Patrick and Rosie!  I hate those baby bath tubs so this works perfectly.

It's probably a little dangerous we had another girl, because you all know how obsessed I am with June & January clothes for Ro that now with a teeny tiny girl and SO MANY itty bitty J&J options out there my credit card is gonna be feeling it.  I'm trying to stay strong and not order her EVERYTHING but guys, it's so hard. SO HARD.

BUT!  How fun is this?!  Matching outfits!  EEEKKKK!  I did a few matching outfits with Patrick and Ro, but now that I have two girls (that still feels SO WEIRD to admit by the way!) the matching will be even more so!  Bring on the pink!  I love it! (and can't believe I'm actually saying this!!)

Big bro and sis are still (and fingers crossed it lasts!) so smitten with their little sister Annie they cannot get enough of her!  They want to hold and cuddle her ALL THE TIME and it melts my already vulnerable mama heart to pieces when they do!  I just love it so.

I asked Mike the other day if the other two kiddos slept as much as Annie has and we both don't think they did -- that they were awake a lot more than she is!  However, as much as she sleeps for being 9 days old she's rockin' the bedtime thing -- we've been putting her down after she's been fed around 9ish and then she eats for about 10 minutes at midnight, 3am, and 6am and then is "up" around 9am.  I can't complain too much -- she's giving us a good 3 hour stretch and only is up and eating for maybe 10 minutes before going back to snoozeland again.  I sure hope this continues because thus far she's been a rockstar sleeper just like her big brother and sister.

We had our first adventure out of the house on Wednesday (just Annie, Mike, and I) to none other than the motherland: Tarjay!  It was awesome -- I got to wear Annie in my new Tula ring sling (which was heavenly because she was nice and high away from my incision) and she slept through the entire trip!  Ha!  Typical.

Another small victory from Wednesday: my wedding rings fit again!  I was only without them for a couple weeks and it feels good to have them back on again!  My fingers feel naked without them so I'm glad they're back on.  Mike ordered me an "annie" name ring for my other hand so I'll be excited to get that in and add it to my "patrick" and "rosie" ones I already have (that he got me from here).

Scooter is completely smitten with his new little sister too -- probably because she has a fondness for sleeping and eating all day just like he does.

I'm super obsessed (no secret!) with taking snoozing pics of my kiddos and so glad to add Annie to the mix for my siesta snaps.  I need to figure out what her sleeping Muppet buddy is going to be so I can start that series...stay tuned :)

Mike snapped this pic of me the other day with the kiddos and it perfectly sums up how life has been lately!  Full lap and full heart!  The older 2 had their chef outfits on because we did 'make your own pizza' night and the kids had to be dressed appropriately for the occasion.

I snapped some pics of the older 2 kiddos pizza making and since someone was a bit fussy and wanting to be held this is how ^^ I was able to do that :)

They had so much fun and loved making pizza, especially Patrick who was so excited to put pickles (yuckkkk) on his!

It's no secret that I do a lot of nursing and pumping when I have kids, and I'm happy to say 9 days postpartum my milk is in big time and I've been able to freeze A TON already!  I'm hoping to make my first donation in another month or two...

Patrick is in school Tuesday - Thursday so we've had a lot of girl time these past couple days (which STILL boggles my mind that I have TWO daughters!  TWO girls!  I can't believe it!!) -- we hit up water waddlers at the pool (Annie and I watched from the chairs) and then took the girls out to lunch at one of our favorite delis and they both did amazingly well.  Rosie likes pushing Annie's cart and it's so funny because not even 2 years ago she was the one in the cart being pushed by her big brother!

Lastly, Mike has been off for like 10 glorious days and I'm only mildly freaking out that he goes back to work tonight and I'll be solo with three kiddos (2 of which I hope will SLEEEEEEP from when he leaves to when he gets home!) and one dog who needs to pee every hour it seems overnight.  Pray for me.  I hope it goes smoothly.  And I gave Mikey a haircut today too and OMG he looks like a different person!  Haha!

Okie dokie, that's about all I've got for this quick little life lately post.  A whole lot of nothingness and new baby and family goodness all swirled into one blog post.

Have a good one friends!

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