It hit me early this morning that I hadn't done a blog post in almost a week (since last Tuesday! GASP!!) and Annie turns 34 weeks tomorrow and 8 months on Saturday and I haven't even thought about starting her 8 month post to talk all about her exciting growth and milestones that I'm sure you care all about and can't wait to read.  Ha!

Anyways, SO BUSY it's been.  I've been slammed (in a good way!) with photo shoots and we even snapped a wedding on Saturday and gah! Just so busy!  But so great...lots and lots of fall pictures for my favorite peoples and I am just loving how each of these sessions have come out!

Okay! Let's get down to business.  What has been happening this past week that we've been so busy with?!  A LOT.  I'm gonna try and just highlight the good stuff (Rosie poses!  Annie falls asleep at her high chair!) because, let's face it, you just wanna see the cute pics and videos, amiright?!!

So last week we had a little photo shoot of Rosie and Princess Dolly -- the doll our 90 year old neighbor gave Rosie.  We wanted to take a few pics to send them as a thank you for the doll!  Welp, we got a few good snaps ^^^ and then BAM.  Full on posing mode for Rosie and I about lost it.

OH MY GOSH SHE KILLLLLLS ME!  I can't handle her sometimes!  Gah!  Anyways, these were some of my most favorite pics of her EVER because her posing is just so amazing and I just love them.  So biased I am!

I mean, doesn't her little personality just shine bright in her pics?!  She just slays me.  She insists lately on wearing her sunglasses whenever she departs the vehicle and it makes for some great indoor pics of her diva self wearing her sunnies.  Gosh.  She cracks me up!

This week at school in Rosie's class they are learning about RED, so today she picked out the best outfit EVER to style herself in as much RED as possible!  She wanted a few pics in front of her (and Patrick's) pumpkin display.  That little pose she did there with her hip popped just makes me smile so much.

Patrick wanted a picture with his pumpkins too -- they had a blast at KiKi's lake this weekend and brought home lots of little pumpkins and gourds to decorate our front porch area for fall!

Patrick got picked up by KiKi from school on Friday and since his school is like next door to Goose's nursing home he got to go over and hang with her for a bit!  They both had a blast and this is one of my most favorite pics of them!  Hard to believe that bird is going to be 90 in a month!

This guy right here.  Wow.  Words cannot express how much we love him and how lucky we are to call him ours!  He's been working insane hours for the past 10+ days and you wouldn't know it cause not one complaint or anything from him!  He even worked Friday night, slept for like 2 hours, then got up and shot the wedding with me then went into work as soon as we were done!  He is freaking amazing and we are so proud of him and all that he does for our family and city.  We love you Mikey!

This chick is just so go-with-the-flow we couldn't love her anymore!  Doesn't seem phased one bit by our crazy schedules or having sleepovers at NeeNee's and just is the happiest cheeriest baby EVER.

Annie slept over on Saturday night so we could snap the wedding and my mom took some GEMS of pictures.  The top one of Annie in a sink bath (her fave!  Mine too!! THOSE ROLLS!!) and the bottom is a snap of Annie on top of uncle Ben and then me on top of my dad from like 31ish years ago!  What's funny is that both of them were using the same blanket (hard to see but promise, they were.  My mom assured me!) and I just love these pics so much!  I guess Annie does kinda look like baby me, doesn't she?!

Which is insane because I noticed one little tooth starting to (finally!) pop through and you'd have no clue she was teething by how she's been acting!

Just a few cuzzy snaps from last night -- the 2017 kids all hanging out (and cannot wait to welcome the fourth installment in less than 6 weeks! EKKKKK!!) and then the big cousins getting a book read to them by their Aunt Erin.  Ahhh, Sunday dinners are my fave.

Deprived dog!  Sorry Scoots, we haven't forgotten about you...life is, just, uh, BUSY.  Thanks for being so patient with us (and that tray of donuts in front of you) always.  We love you!

My awesome sister and brother-in-law Katie and Matt got us this new door sign and I absolutely LOVE it.  Patrick obviously does too -- he's so proud of his daddy and loves that he's a police officer.

Can we take a second and hysterically laugh at this video?!  Never once did the big kids ever fall asleep eating in their high chair...yet Annie did and I obviously had to take a minute-long video of it before I cleaned her up and put her down for her afternoon siesta!  Gah!  I have watched this about 100 times already and it just cracks me up so much!!

So we snapped a wedding on Saturday and it was a blast!  A hot, sticky, sweaty blast.  Who would have thought on September 23rd it would have been 95 degrees out?!  But no rain!  So that's good.  We got some great pics (check out here for some teasers) and I shockingly spent 5+ hours Saturday night after we got home culling and sorting images and then another 6+ hours on Saturday editing!  Probably my fastest turnaround time (thank you cooperative Annie + KiKi for keeping the kids on Sunday!) for delivery a wedding client's gallery to her...but yay!  They're done!  I have 8 shoots between now and next Sunday booked so I didn't want to get behind with wedding pics...so I am so glad I got them finished and now can focus on all of my other shoots I have coming up!

Here are a few behind the scenes pics for you to enjoy...I love that Mike snaps these (and I snap some of him too) -- kinda fun to see what we look like when we're taking pictures!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for you for this Monday morning -- last Monday of September!  CRAZY!  Where or where is the time going?!  Anyways, here's a nice little snap of the thumbnail moon from Saturday to close out this post.  Have a great one friends!

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