Thursday was a big day around the Mooney casa: Patrick started soccer!

He has been BEGGING us to get him on a team, so I found one (I use team loosely, it's more like 45 minutes of semi-organized practice for 4-5 year olds) and got him signed up!  I'm hoping next fall when he's in kindergarten he'll be on one of our local CYC teams and actually have practices and until then he's just in Kickaroos!

He was SO EXCITED for his first soccer practice.  Like bouncing off of the walls and couldn't get onto the field fast enough when we got there!  It was so darn cute.

We literally brought the entire flock + my mom and uncle Charlie and he LOVED it.  He was going like crazy and just having a blast.  He got to wear his new soccer shoes (ahhh, Adidas Sambas, how many memories I have of you with my own from back in the day!) and said they made him run super fast! 

He did pretty well with listening to his coach...we had to remind him a few times after practice that it is okay to be excited but he also needs to focus and listen and follow directions to his coach so he knows what's going on.  I'm sure he was just SO THRILLED to be on a team and playing he wasn't letting anything else be heard! Haha!

He just loved it -- all 45 minutes of it! -- and cannot wait to go back next week!  To say he is a soccer fan is an understatement; he is loving every single minute of his new soccer team!  WOOT!

This morning it was cool and crisp out (hellllllloooo fall!) and I whipped my camera out for a few morning golden hour snaps of my favorite dude (and Scoots!) before we headed off to school.

How's that little photo dump for ya?!  Haha!  Golly I love this weather...and Sunday officially starts Pics & Paws busy calendar is STACKED for this fall and I am LOOOOOVING all of the people I am going to get to snap and shoot -- a lot of familiar faces but a lot of new ones too!  I cannot wait! EEKKKK!

Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend friends!

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