Easy Like Sunday Morning

I think I got 6 hours of sleep.  Maybe.  All of this stuff going on in STL (hint: Google Jason Stockley verdict if you want more info...I don't feel like delving into that this morning) and Mike working 12s for the foreseeable future (and overnight) has me not being able to get some quality sleep because my brain keeps going a mile a minute.  I'm trying to keep myself busy and stay away from the news...buttttt, near impossible because it's all over social media too.  Ugh.  So much ugh.

Anyways, with that said I've been trying to distract myself with other things (read: taking pictures) that make me happy and not think about it any more than I have to.  That's going okay...sort of.

Thursday night (we knew the verdict was coming out on Friday so I took a personal day to stay home so Mike could sleep and I'd take care of the kiddos since Patrick was already off school due to a PD day for his teachers) we went to my mom's house for dinner and Annie got to visit Rosie's nail salon.  I about died.

I mean, how freaking funny is that?!  That Piggy Paint stuff is legit!  Even though Rosie literally painted ALLLLLL over Annie's feet, it came right off in the bathtub so yay for that.

Patrick had soccer Thursday night so Mike took him and the girls (and Scoots) and I had a little golden hour snappin' sesh in the backyard before they got home.

Gosh I love our backyard!  Errrr, neighbor's backyard?!  We are sitting in ours...but yeah, the neighbors have a much prettier background backyard that we do!  Haha!

Friday morning since everyone was home we decided to make pancakes!  This was a great distraction because the verdict just dropped and we knew Mike would be heading into work later in the afternoon so pancakes it was for breakfast!  Annie much enjoyed her first taste of these delicious fluffy treats and Patrick was a whizz with helping.  Mike asked him, "Okay buddy what's the first thing we need to do before we start cooking?"  Patrick said, "Ohhhh!  Put on my apron!!"  Haha!  Yes, but also WASH YOUR HANDS!

I ran Annie to the doc Friday morning because my mom insisted I needed to take her (I didn't think so).  She's had a raspy cough for like 3 weeks but I thought it was 1. getting better 2. just drainage 3. she was totally fine other than random coughs here and there.  My mom thought it was something worse and in her lungs so basically demanded I take her.  Fine.  Welp, wouldntcha know it?!  She just had a cough.  That.is.it!  I was right, and as I type this I haven't heard her cough at all this morning while she's been sleeping (first time in a few weeks for that!) so I think it's on its way out thankfully.

We all then hit up IMOS for lunch on Friday and Annie got her first taste of that delicious pizza and it's safe to say she loved it.  I'm sure it's the first of many more to come.

Mike headed into work in the late afternoon and my wonderful in-laws came over to watch the kids so I could go to this photoshoot.  Ahhhhh, that fall golden hour light is just wonderful this time of the year!

Rosie has become a bit attached to her new doll "Princess Dolly" she's so lovingly named her.  It's so cute how she wants her by her side when she's sleeping and carries her around during the day.  She's never been attached to something for more than a few days and we're going on almost a week here with Princess Dolly so maybe she'll stick around for a while?!  We will see.

Despite Mike working all of Friday night we all decided to hit up the Greentree Parade Saturday morning!  We let Mike get a good hour or so nap before we left and the kids were being so silly and funny playing together!  I love that they legit love each other and I sure hope it lasts forever (laughing at myself typing that.  Ha.  Oh the fights that will definitely ensue.  Eeekkk.)

The parade was so much fun!  The kids had a blast and got SOOOOOOO much candy!  They loved having their buddies there and cousins too.  Mike and I actually got to sit back and enjoy the parade because the grandmas had Annie under their control and the big kids didn't really need any help, they just sat and watched the parade and gathered all of the candy!  The best.

We got home for naps (all around!  Mike went down for several hours) and I was able to get caught up on some work stuff and shoot bookings coming up.

Saturday evening some of my main posse came over for their fall pics (see here) and then we all went out for a lovely Saturday evening dinner!  Mike had to work so it was just me and the kiddos and shockingly it went just fine at din din.

Everyone had a blast.  Seriously.

Dare I say it was even a bit relaxing and I was even able to catch up with some of my friends?!  I won't admit that too loud :)

These photos read: will pose for ice cream.  Gosh I love her.  Her outfit was on point and her posing game is still going so strong!  Haha!

Since I had my camera out already I decided to snap a few bath pics before I got them soaped up and out...and golly they're so darn cute I could just eat them!  And again, a rare treat for me that they were pretty darn well-behaved with me solo parenting.

Ahhhh, Sunday morning, I love you so.  Nice and easy (thus far!) to be able to catch up on blogging and some photo editing before my kiddos get up...which I think I hear Annie talking so I'm gonna wrap this up.  Have a great one friends!!

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