Hoodie Weather?

Is it officially hoodie weather?!!  MAYBE??! MAYBE?!!!!  It was 54 degrees out this morning and it felt downright chilly!  I realized the big kids didn't have lightweight jackets so I ran off to Amazon and ordered them each one so they'll be here by Friday...until then, long sleeve shirts they'll be wearing in the morning!  It's suppose to warm up to the high 70s today, but a chilly start to the day definitely institutes hoodies in my opinion.  Annie clearly was THRILLED for her June & January hoodie jumper this morning, wasn't she?!!  Hehehe.

We actually had a little photoshoot last night in one of her heathered hoodie June & January jumpers she has and she was totally looooooving it.  I mean, as was I!  It's so soft and warm...which I hope these chilly fall days are sticking around because BRING ON THE FALL COLORS.

Gosh aren't those dimples a killer?!  She SLAYS ME!  Gahhhh!

Last night we hit up MOD Pizza (our fave!) for TinySuperheroes night and oh what fun we had!  I coordinated all of our outfits for the occasion -- golly we have a lot of TS gear!  I love it!

Annie also tried pizza for the first time and loved it, so I think we're raising another MOD Pizza lover for sure!

After pizza we hit up preschool night at the kiddos school and they had a BLAST!  We divided and conquered -- Mike went with Rosie and Annie and I went with Patrick.  They both loved showing us around their rooms and completing the activities they had set out.  Rosie very aggressively colored a hippo and Patrick did a fun little color scavenger hunt!  They ended the night with popsicles on the playground which they both clearly LOVED.

So Rosie is obsessed with picking out her own outfits and headbands and each and every day her style KILLS ME and I want her confidence!  She is just amazing and I love seeing what she wears each and every day!  Her animal headbands really accentuate her outfits, don't they?!! 😂

Timehop reminded me this morning that we bought our house 4 years ago today and ahhhh, how much it has changed.  Looks much better now, doesn't it?!  Those giant bushes were heinous!  So glad they're gone.  I much prefer that you can actually see our house now and it's not hidden behind 70s foliage.

I'll conclude this little hump day post with this gem from Monday night -- the 2017 Mooney babes were having a very important meeting.  Annie, being the resident senior baby, was clearly in charge of it.  Haha!

Have a great rest of your week peeps!!

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