Bunnies & Birthday Greetings

Ahhh, what a fun little weekend we had with the whole crew back in town!  Seriously, our lives and house is back to crazy chaos and it's so wonderful I wouldn't have it any other way!

Okay, let's cut to the chase...I have to share this video first cause it is AMAZING.

So the kids sang Happy Birthday to their cousin Lizzy for her birthday this weekend...and then I didn't stop recording like I usually do after Patrick blows out the candles and I am SO GLAD I didn't because I caught this gem!

Annie LEGIT STARTED SINGING happy birthday!! Even Rosie caught it!  I mean, that couldn't have been a fluke coincidence, right??! SHE ACTUALLY SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Child prodigy! HAHAHAHAHA

Okay, seriously, how many times did you watch that to hear her say 'happy birthday'? Cause I have no less than 100.  Cutest.thing.ever.

I had a product shoot this weekend...

Sneak peek...kind of.  It.was.freezing.out.  And they weren't having it!  But we did get some cute shots so yay for that!

But I had to bribe the heck out of them for this cause it was cold and muddy...so new bunny ears to the rescue!

Which they were clearly infatuated with.  And Annie, truly, was SO EXCITED about them (and getting her picture taken too I guess!) she looked terrified...but truly she was just SO EXCITED!

Which I have just chalked up the fact that I'll never get a picture of all of them looking and smiling at me ever again.  Oh well, candids are better snaps anyways, right?! RIGHT.

Annie is really loving having her big bro and sis home...I think ;-)

So this kid.  Welp, she went on a hunger strike it seemed when we were at Disney World.  Both my parents and the Mooneys couldn't really get her to eat or drink anything!  She did have an ear infection (that she just finished up antibiotics for), so maybe that had something to do with it, but both of them were concerned with her lack of appetite, which is way weird cause she really loves food so much!

Welp, since we've been back, she's definitely proving she was having a serious case of FOMO and probably just mad at us for not taking her with us to Disney World, because she's back to being a bottomless pit and eating anything we put in front of her, including almost this entire plate of food and full cup of milk from dinner this weekend.  What.a.stinker.

Took a few snaps of this mama pigeon that is camped out in our light fixture -- she's about to have TWINS!  There are two eggs in there and I can't wait to show the kids (pictures of course, cause, you know, germs) when they hatch!

Lastly, I'll end this short little Monday post with my favorite guy wearing his new Swanky Shank shirt looking cute as ever!  I hope he always lives up to those words, human & KIND.

Have a great one friends!  And STL peeps -- let's pray this icky weather is on its way out!  I have 12 mini sessions on Saturday that I DO NOT want to get rained out!!!!!

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