The Mooneys Do Disney, Part 1

Okie dokie, where to begin?!?!  Seriously, SO MUCH TO WRITE about and we are barely on day 2!

We have done SO MUCH in the past 48 hours I don’t even know where to being!  Haha!  But I thought I’d remind you of this and say how the big kids had ZERO clue we were going to Disney World!  Gosh the anticipation leading up to this week was KILLING ME!

On Friday we picked Patrick up early from school, then grabbed Ro from my mom’s, bid Annie adieu until next week, and HIT THE ROAD!  They both asked where we were going, and we just told them an adventure!  Somehow they came up with the idea that we were going to a field to run around and play and take we went with that!

We drove about 10 hours on Friday -- hit some icky traffic in Nashville then fortunately made it through Atlanta!  We found the sketchiest hotel imaginable (seriously!) but were only there maybe 7 hours before we woke up and hit the road again!

I dressed them both in Disney gear on Saturday morning and still, NOT A CLUE IN THE WORLD! HAHAHAHA!

Once we started getting close to Florida Patrick started to piece things together -- wondered why there were palm trees around and kept saying, “Are we going to Florida?! We are in Georgia and I know that’s by Florida...are we going to see Jack??!”  So once we hit the Florida state line and pulled into the welcome center, we decided to tell them!  I went live on Facebook and they were SO EXCITED.  Also SUPER excited to be out of the car and moving around (read: running!). HAHA!

They seriously were on cloud nine -- it was so awesome!  We took a few pics, a family snap sans Annie (kicking myself for not making a cut out of her to bring and hold up in pics!), and hit the road again!

We got into Disney around 4pm on Saturday -- a few hours later than we wanted but thanks to some traffic and accidents, we got delayed.  BUT!  Fear not!  The kids were READY TO GO and off we went to Magic Kingdom!

Side note: the resort we are staying at is super fun -- All-Star Movies! Cheap but they LOVE IT!

Once we got to Magic Kingdom...oh my goodness were they completely freaking out!  It was so much fun!  We decided to make the most of our evening there...hitting up The Haunted Mansion, Barn Stormer, Dumbo, Tea Cups, dinner, and catching the fireworks before calling it a night a little after 9pm.

So we already lost an hour jumping to the Eastern Time Zone, and then we woke up Sunday morning to a 6:50am alarm on DAYLIGHT SAVINGS which means our bodies felt like it was 4:50am! GAH!

At breakfast today (which had MICKEY WAFFLES! So fun!!) they were clearly feeling the early wake up...but, we muscled through, got them some food, and headed out to Magic Kingdom again!  We had a jam-packed morning planned before lunch with Cinderella!

Mike and Patrick had Space Mountain fast passes, and since Rosie is too short, we decided to go look at the castle. OH MY GOSH best decision EVER.

This might be my most favorite snap of her TO DATE.  I have no clue how we lucked out without anyone else in the picture cause it was packed the second we got there, but we totally did.  And I swear I didn’t photoshop anyone out...that is really WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE, see??!!

So yeah, Ro and I got some hang-time in around the castle before we met back up with Patrick and Mike to do some more rides.

We did It’s a Small World, Jungle Cruise, met Rapuzel and Tiana, and then it was time to go to Cinderella’s Castle for lunch!  This was a big lunch we splurged on and I am SO GLAD we was SO MUCH FUN!

Patrick LOVES meeting the characters and princesses as much as Rosie does, which is so awesome and so fun that he gets into it too.  I should add that since Rosie wore her princess dress around today everyone kept calling her “princess” or “Cinderella” and she freaking LOVED that.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile so big!

Lunch was a blast -- really yummy food, the kids got a wand and a sword, they got to met all of the princesses, and got to decorate their own cupcakes for dessert! SO FUN!

We then decided we all needed some rest time, so we headed back to the hotel so Rosie could take a nap…

But we didn’t even make it back -- she fell asleep on the bus! OMG!  This is something she has NEVER EVER done and it was freaking hysterical!

We did manage to get her back in bed and she took a snooze while I edited pics and wrote this post (you’re welcome!) and Patrick and Mike did some laundry and hit up the pool.

We are about to wake everyone up and head to Hollywood Studios for dinner and Tower of Terror (and some other rides!) for the evening, and then jet off to Animal Kingdom (hope the rain stays away!!) tomorrow.

Oh what a fun first few days we’ve had!  Seriously, this trip has been SO MUCH FREAKING FUN.  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week has in store AND start planning our next trip when Annie is able to join us too!

Ahhhhhh, seriously, this is the BEST spring break we’ve had in a LONG while!  I did end up missing that birth (mama delivered at 41w6d yesterday...but my amazing backup photog snapped it and I am just so thankful for her and our setup!!) but besides that, spring break is off to a rockin’ start.  I got some big news at work (more on that later...sorry to leave you hanging with that...that deserves a post allllll on its own) and I literally have been GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT over it since Friday.  Like DREAM COME TRUE...but again, more on that later!

Okay, time to wake Rosie up and hit the road to Hollywood Studios!  I’m sure I’ll have another post (or two or seven!) for you to come soon!

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