The Mooneys Do Disney, Part 3

Gah, sadly this is my final post of our Disney adventures...(catch up on part 1 and part 2 here)...but what a great week it has been!!

We head home tomorrow -- welp, Mike and I do!  We have one last surprise in store for the kiddos -- we are planning on 'heading out' and grabbing lunch and BAM!  Another surprise -- KiKi and NeeNee will be there to surprise them AND take them down to Bonita Springs for another week! They are gonna flip!  You bet I'll record that -- heck, maybe I'll livestream it again?!?!  Stay tuned :)

So after I last posted, we got up from naps and headed back to Magic Kingdom!

Rosie had a fun little time waking Patrick up from his nap...

HA!  Once they were both up, they were PUMPED...clearly...

There truly is something magical about this place...and I think they know it.

So Patrick requested to ride 2 rides once we got there: the Carousel of Progress and the People Mover!

I'm kinda shocked they love the Carousel of Progress cause it's totally an 'old person' ride (hey, I like it!) and not really geared towards kids, but I think they love the ^^ catchy song so they want to ride it over and over again!

Despite how crowded the park was, I think we rode the People Mover at least 5 times Tuesday night! HAHA! I really enjoy that ride and the people watchin' that goes with it.  It goes through Space Mountain, and one of the times we went through it Space Mountain was closed AND the lights were on!

Doesn't look as impressive with the lights on now, does it?!?!

Again, taking advantage of the photo pass, getting some family snaps in!  And how funny is Ro's face in the ones of just her and Patrick?! Hysterical.

We then hit up the race track since it had a short wait and it was super cool to see the fireworks going off while we were driving around!  Patrick is a crazy driver by the way. Haha!

We did a few more rides, including Buzz Lightyear, before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.  Both kids CRASHED again!

Rosie did not want to get up on Wednesday morning -- haha neither did I!  But we had to hustle and get out to Hollywood Studios for a few fast pass shows we had lined up.

We first hit up Disney Jr. Live on Stage and the kids LOVEDDDD that so much!  Lots of singing and dancing to their favorite Disney shows!  We then hit up Little Mermaid before heading over to grab a quick lunch.

Our friends Nolan and Liz met up with us again and the kids loved seeing them again and getting them to come hang out with us!

We got to do Muppet Vision 3D as well before heading into see Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

Patrick LOVED THIS.  Rosie was meh about it -- I think she was tired!

After this it was after 2pm and we decided to head back for naps/rest before hitting up Magic Kingdom one more time before we departed.  We considered coming back to Magic Kingdom in the morning on Thursday but we thought logistically it'd just be too crazy so we decided to do a late night again at MK and call it a night.

Once we got the kids up from their naps we headed out!

We had a quick dinner at our hotel and then jetted off to our last day at Disney World and last night at Magic Kingdom.

We had a mini photoshoot right when we got to MK, cause Patrick was in his Mitz rainbows again and Ro was in her Rapunzel dress, so DUH, I had to get pics!  Plus Rosie was in a great mood so seize the day with that, right?! RIGHT.

After our little impromptu photoshoot, Patrick asked to do what else, go on the People Mover!  Golly he loves this ride!  Rosie definitely likes it too.

Seriously, his FAVORITE ride!  And while we were on it, he asked if we could go to the Carousel of Progress again, so off we went!

It cracks me up how much he loves that ride!  And I quite enjoy it too -- great 20 minute break to sit and chill!  And that dang song gets stuck in your head INSTANTLY too!

Ro and I then went off to use our fast pass for the Ariel ride, and the boys went to Splash Mountain!  Mike text me that they got on Splash Mountain right away with no wait, so Rosie and I headed over there to meet up with them and both boys convinced me to go on it cause they swore I wasn't going to get wet.

It was oodles of fun, but THEY LIED.  I got SOAKED!  But, worth it...cause how big was that smile from my favorite little guy?!?  Definitely worth it.

We hit up the churro cart (which I had been wanting a churro all week so that was a perfect treat!) and then watched the fireworks before going back and doing the tea cups and then one more People Mover ride!

Golly he really does LOVE that ride!  But we got a treat on our last ride again -- the lights were on when we went through Space Mountain!  Like I said in my last post, definitely doesn't look as intimidating as it does in the dark now does it!??

After the People Mover it was after 11pm so we decided to call it a night.  Each kid got to pick a toy before we left: Patrick got a light saber and Rosie got a princess doll (Cinderella to be exact).  We got them a little treat for it being a successful and fun trip -- and with a promise that we'd be back SOON (with Annie next time as well).

Both kids fell asleep on the bus and then promptly passed out ASAP after showers once we got back!  To them we have a long day of driving ahead of us (hehehe) but really they have another week of fun in the Florida sun! Gah! I can't wait for that surprise tomorrow for them to see KiKi and NeeNee!!

All in all, it was such a rockin' trip.  So many memories were made and a lifetime of them that I hope the kiddos will take with them always.  It really was a great week (exhausting, but amazing!) and I cannot wait for them to tell all of their friends and family about it and for us to come back again soon!  I hope you've enjoy these little posts and photo dumps -- I'm hoping they'll be looked back upon when our next Disney trip comes around and I can refresh myself on what we did last time!  We did hit up Magic Kingdom all 5 days, so that definitely was our favorite park!  And the dining plan was so worth it (maybe get the top tier one next time??!) and the hotel was perfect, even for a discount one.  All in all, just an amazing week!  Until next time Mickey, we'll miss you!

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