Where Has This Week Gone?!?!?

First off, I cannot believe it's been almost a WEEK since my last blog post!!! So.not.like.me.at.all.

But friends, I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY!  In a crazy chaotic good way though...and what's even crazier is that the big kids aren't even here -- they're still in Florida!

So where did I leave off?! Oh yes, Wednesday, our last night at Disney.  We partied late and slept in a bit Thursday morning...and then we were headed off.  The kids thought we were headed back home, but really we were just headed west a bit to meet NeeNee and KiKi in Tampa!  Oh what a surprise that was!

We stopped for lunch and sat down, and then KiKi and NeeNee both came out and the kids were SO EXCITED! (and a little shocked I think!)

They found out they got to spend the rest of the weekend and alllll next week (their actual spring break!) down at Uncle Johnny's and Aunt Sally's and Jack's houses and they were just so ecstatic!

Here is a mini photo dump of pics and videos we've gotten from KiKi and NeeNee thus far -- as soon as the big kids get back I'll do a gigantic photo dump post (that we all can be jealous of!) -- similar to the one I did of Patrick's spring break adventures in 2017.  Get excited for that!

Mike and I drove the van SOLO back to STL on Thursday and Friday last week and it was SO WEIRD driving without the kids we went down there with!  We had one snafu in our commute back -- there was a massive accident (like entire highway shut down) outside of Chattanooga and it took us about 2 hours to go 15 miles.  ICK.  So we were delayed in getting home until after 5pm on Friday...but we did make it back in one piece and were SO HAPPY to see our Annie girl!

Golly we missed her OH SO MUCH!!  Seriously, we had such a blast at Disney but mannnn, I missed this little chickadee!

On Saturday morning Annie and I got up extra early and hit up Target...cause I hadn't been in FOREVER! -- and it was so nice that I was able to get all of the Easter goodies AND Rosie's birthday presents! So yay for that!

We had a little aisle photoshoot while we were there (like her Swanky Shank St. Pat's Day shirt?!? SO CUTE!) and she was just hammin' it up!

When we got home Annie got some playtime with daddy and it was basement tackling (spring cleaning!) time...why?! Cause we are renovating (we are HIRING someone! haha!) our one back storage room and 1/2 bath into a bedroom and full bath. YAY!

All in all it took me (and then Mike after Annie went down for her siesta) about 5 hours to do this but dang nabit, I feel sooooo good it's all cleaned out (well the back storage areas at least!!).  We have 3 big sections in the basement now that will stay there until we get the reno done...one is stuff to go in storage, one is things we need to go through (and donate or pitch), and the last one is just trash.  So it's definitely not DONE but I feel really good at what we got done while the big kids were gone!

Annie sure likes to shop with me...and knows what mom's favorite drink is.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Annie and Scoots had a little lunchtime photoshoot this past weekend too, and golly gee, how cute are they?!?!

OH! Also!  At Sunday dinner this week Annie got some girl talk in with cousin Lily and also showed off her new skills of walking behind a toy! WOOOOT!! This is about 3 months earlier than Rosie did the same thing...me thinks Annie will be walking by 15 months...let's see if I'm right! I think I said the same thing about turtle Rosie and she was 17 months before she walked.  HAHA!

Finally, I'll end this pic with a snappy selfie of me -- ever since we got back I have been busyyyyyy busy snapping away -- yes of Annie (and Scoots!) but I've had a newborn, a birth, a fresh 48, and then the rest of this week I have another newborn, a studio session, and FOUR family sessions before Sunday evening! GAH!  Spring craziness is back in the full swing of things it seems!

Anyways, that's all I've got for now.  Whew, I'm exhausted with this recap -- I guess a lot happened these past few days since we got back from Disney.  Gah, what a magical trip that was.  I am literally counting down the days until I get to go back! EEKKKKK!

Have a great Tuesday friends!

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