Annie at 15 Months

I seriously CANNOT believe Annie girl is 15 months old.  I swear SWEAR I was just penning her 12 month post and now here we are, 3 months later that have whizzed by in an instant, penning her 15 month post! GAHHH! TOO FAST!

Welp, just like I did with the big 2, I am back at 15 months giving you all a little update on our sweet Annie.  As you can see, she's growing pretty darn good and had a superb checkup at the doc for her 15 months of life.

A few couple later I'm here sharing a bit of an update as to what she's up to currently at 15 months old.  Oodles of mom stats coming your way, aren't you excited??!!

  • Annie weighs 24 pounds (and 0.4 ounces, that's important!!)...petite little Mooney she is!
  • Annie stands 30.5 inches know, when she actually decides to STAND UP. Ha!
  • Annie wears mostly 18 month and 18-24 month clothes.  She is shockingly in age-appropriate clothes and is the first Mooney kid to do this!  My little peanut!!
  • Not walking yet -- I really thought she'd be walking by 15 months but once again I know nothing 3 kids in and she is not!  She will walk behind things and push her walker here and there, but nothing super consistent.  She'll hold your hands and walk a bit too but mostly she flops down and wants to crawl!  Kinda reminds me of Rosie! Haha!
  • Annie will pull up and stand if she's holding onto something.  A few times recently we've seen her let go and free stand for about .2 seconds before she realizes what she's doing and flops back down on the floor!  haha!  I'm sure she'll get it soon. Maybe. :)
  • She doesn't really get into much, she loves to explore and crawl around but is content a lot playing with a toy or two that she finds or with her big brother and sister.  She is quiet though and will take off and go exploring without you even knowing it because she's sneaky and so silent!  She does like making a bee-line to the crayons and eating those (oh lord!) but she is so quiet about it you have no idea what she's getting into!!
  • Girlfriend has four top front teeth, two back molars have popped through, bottom two molars have JUST BARELY popped through, and three bottom teeth with *I think* that final fourth bottom tooth looking like it's about to pop through soon!  So 11 teeth total!  Definitely the slowest of all of the kiddos in the tooth growing game it seems.
  • Annie talks SO MUCH.  You cannot understand 98% of what she says, but she babbles and talks nonstop!  Definitely the most verbal at this stage of the three and I bet she won't ever shut up from here on out, whether we can understand her or not! HAHA!
  • Still holds the title for best sleeper.  She is a rockstar sleeper, still snoozing about 13 hours every night and a solid 2-3 hour nap after lunch.  Gosh I hope she always stays this way!
  • Is a pretty good eater -- definitely has her favorite foods (bananas! she can woof down a banana faster than anyone!!) and loves milk (especially chocolate!) but there are foods she doesn't care for and won't touch (like green beans!).  Overall she's not too picky and will pretty much eat whatever is put in front of her.
  • Stopped nursing just after 13 months (my fault, I weaned her to go to Disney World! Sorry Annie!) but still enjoys some frozen mamas milk here and there too.  So glad we made it 13 strong months of nursing!!!
  • Big time thumb sucker just like her big brother and sister.  Only seems to do it when she's tired and at bed time...which is very much like Rosie.  
  • Scooter LOVES her and she loves him, but I don't think as much as he loves her!  He always seems to be all over her and wanting to love up and kiss her and she tolerates it but he definitely is the one all about it!  Haha! She has no fear of him (or any animals!) because of it and it is the cutest thing EVER.
  • Is absolutely infatuated with her big brother and sister OH SO MUCH.  Seriously, she LOVES THEM and lights up like crazy whenever they come around!  It is the cutest thing EVER and I hope they always have this relationship.  Patrick and Rosie call her GooGoo or Googey and it is so darn cute and adorable!  Other people (even myself!) have taken to calling her that too and it's so darn cute.
  • Annie's whiny and clingy side comes out every now and again -- she loves to be held (and will just sit on your lap or cuddle with you forever it seems!) and sometimes she wants nothing to do with toys or anything and just wants to cuddle (and sometimes will whine and cry until she gets that!).  She is such a loving little lady and I do appreciate all of the snuggles she gives!
  • Definitely knows her name and even her nicknames, Annie banannie, GooGoo, Googey, Annie girl, and a few other ones I can't think of right now.  
  • She has a very serious disposition and won't offer up smiles to or for just anyone -- she makes you work for them and earn them!  Haha!  (see above pic!!)  She is stone-faced and serious and definitely lets you know it...and it is kinda the cutest thing ever.  When she does crack a smile it makes your heart melt into a million pieces!!!  She really is the sweetest little thing.

Welp friends, that's all I've got for Annie girl at 15 months!  I'm sure I'll be reporting her walking all over the place by her 18 month post...I hope!  Haha! She seems to be following in her lazy older sister's (literal!) footsteps with that!

Oh Annie girl, we love you so much!  Our fam bam would not be the same without you!

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