Chuckin' It Up To Monday

Okay this post title is for real: cause it's currently almost noon on Monday and I've been up for seemingly 10 hours because of some middle of the night upchucking.

This was 2am.  I woke up to Rosie's scream/cries and she had barfed alllllll over her bed (after I was with her not 30 minutes before after she had a very, um, loose #2 in the potty in their room).  So I changed her sheets, gave her a bath (cause there was puke EVERYWHERE) and put her back into only hear her puking again 30 minutes later.  So, repeat.  UGH.

By the time I went back to bed it was maybe 4:45am and then I was up again maybe an hour or so later cause I thought I heard more cries but no it was just phantom cries in my head. GAH.  Anyways, I debated staying home with Rosie but got up a little before 7 and decided I'd go to school, so Mike got Patrick up and not 5 minutes after he got up, PUKE ALL OVER.  Sooooo, I decided I'd stay home with the kids so Mike could sleep and I'd be on barf patrol.

Sparing you the details, it has been a very laundry heavy day.  I will say, THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE that Patrick and Ro are potty trained because all of their tummy troubles have been in the proper receptacles.

This is what our morning has consisted of -- lots of resting, lots of praying that Annie doesn't catch whatever bug they have, and more resting.

Currently everyone (minus moi) is napping and I HOPE they all wake up feeling better and back to their normal selves.  Hoping that no one else gets this icky bug and we resume our normal weekly routines and school schedules tomorrow!! FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED.  But, silver lining here...this is our first bout of sickness this winter (so we had a good run!) and having potty trained kids sick sucks but sucks way less than non potty trained kids.

Before I depart this post, I thought I'd share a few snaps from our Sunday adventures yesterday!  I brought my big camera along to Target and to my parents house (since all of my shoots got rescheduled for this weekend cause it was so cold!) and I am just LOVING these lifestyle/candid shots I got!  Especially the ones with my dad...he jokes that he can't do anything now without me taking a pic but I kindly remind him that he'll be thanking me from above at his memorial service that there are actual pictures of him AND his grandkids :)

Welp, that's all I got here today!  Here's to a hopefully on-the-mend big kids and hopefully no one else getting sick...and spring: COME QUICKLY!  We are waiting for you with open arms!

Have a good week friends and stay healthy!!!

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