Rosie's 3rd Birthday Shenanigans

Oh what a fun birthday and party our Ro had!

If you remember I left off with her 3rd birthday post all about what she's been up to now that she's THREE.

Welp, after her checkup on her actual birthday (#momoftheyear) we headed off to her favorite MOD Pizza for dinner!  But first, a few pics of Ro in her new mingo shirt her bestie boo (and godmother!) Lauren got her!

I mean, isn't that shirt just amazing?!?! She sure loves mingos and it is just perfect.  Way to go Lauren, way to go!  PS - Suzie may need a matching one :)

I mean, is there anyone out there who loves pizza more than Rosie?!?!  I dare you to find them cause I don't think they exist.  She is such a little hoot and sure loves her MOD pizza!

NeeNee, Gramps, Grandma and Papa all met us there for dinner and it was such a blast.  Shockingly I think I took like one pic ^^^ and that was it!  Guess we all were too engrossed in our pizza! HAHA!

After we finished dinner we headed home for presents (from us!) and cupcakes before heading off to bed (or heading off to work as Mike had to do).

Ro got some great prezzies -- a new princess castle, some new nightgowns, a Rainbow Dash sweatshirt, a rainbow puzzle, puppy surprise, and a few other things!  She really loved everything she got and how excited she was after every gift she opened was the cutest thing ever. 

She also devoured her cupcake too and loved being sung to (which was a stark difference from a couple years ago and her HATING being sung to! haha!) as well.  Oh Ro!  How we love you so!

We got up on Saturday to a treat -- Mike brought donuts home from work for Rosie's birthday (yay for the weekend!).  Everyone was so excited and DEVOURED these...and Annie wanted only Patrick's donuts! HAHA!

Seriously, how funny is that?!?!

After breakfast Mike went off to sleep -- Rosie's party wasn't until 4pm so we had the morning to play and he had it to sleep!

Ro got a Puppy Surprise (vintage! I had one when I was a bit older than her!) and she loved finding out how many puppies (3, how appropriate for her 3rd birthday!!) was in it.

Anyways, after some playtime at home we then headed over to Columbia, IL to meet up with my good friend Lauren who was in town from Washington {state} visiting her hubby's family.  To walk down memory lane, the last time she came in I was 35 weeks preggo with Annie back in December on 2016 (see here!) and then before that in August of 2015 (see here!) shortly after Rosie was born!!

It was SO GREAT seeing them, however short, and having our kiddos play together!  So glad we got some snaps in of the 5 kiddos together!

Anyways, then we came home for some quick naps (well Patrick and I went to the store and to pickup Rosie's mingo cake!) before heading over for her birthday party!

Oh what a fun (and totally low-key...which I LIKED!) party we had and a special shoutout to my amazing in-laws for letting us have Ro's party there since our basement is out of commission for at least another month or two while we are renoing it (read: paying someone to reno it).

We had pizza and opened presents and played outside and sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and it was just an awesome day all around!!

Ro got some great prezzies and new clothes and she just had an AWESOME birthday...until the very end...

She was outside playing and stumbled backwards and fell in the cactus (which I saw...and hoped since she fell in the corner of it there wasn't any actual cactus there...but I was SO WRONG).  Poor thing -- little tiny stickler pokies were all over her hands, butt, back, and legs...her right hand took the brunt of it.

Mike and I spent almost an hour picking out the pokies and I *think* we got them all.  She was pretty hysterically upset, which was definitely a combo of tired + dramatic Rosie + actually hurting.  She wouldn't really use either of her hands once we got home but she wasn't complaining that it was hurting I loaded her up with tylenol and gave her a nice warm bath then off to bed she went.  Hopefully she'll be good to go in the morning.  A memory to never forget from her 3rd birthday regardless!

Anyways, whew!  I am beat!  Birthday season is almost coming to a close...we have the twins birthday in 2 weeks and then Patrick's a weekish after that and then birthday spring season is DONE until 2019! WOOT!

That's all I've got for this little post all about Ro's birthday shenanigans.  Here's to a great year 3 into 4 for our biggest little lady!

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