Rosie at 3 Years Old

THREE.  Seriously,  I feel like I JUST wrote her 2 year post and BAM.  Here we are at 3 years old.  And I had to refresh my memory that I did a 2.5 year old post too cause I totally completely forgot about that.  Woops.

Anyways, our Rosie girl, oldest little lady, is THREE.  And I just cannot believe it.  She seems so old but also like she was just born yesterday too.  Gah!  How time is a'flyin'.

Keeping with tradition, we did some 3 year photoshoot pics (which, side note it was sunny but FREEZING OUTSIDE when we did these.  Stupid NOT SPRING STL weather we've been having. ugh.) a few days ago and Rosie picked out her ENTIRE outfit -- dress, pants, bow, and sandals.  She definitely has an opinion now on everything and I kinda love that about her.

Isn't she a hoot?! Clearly at the end she was DONE.  Haha!

Mom of the year here was keepin' with tradition and did Ro's 3 year checkup on her actual birthday (so nice of me, huh?!) but at least no shots so yay for that.

She got a glowing report at the doc and is still a big little girl :)  Everything looks awesome and even though she's up top with her weight she's maintaining the curve she's always been on.  And even though she's BIG, I think she's thinning out in her 'baby fat' and more into a little young lady.

Anyways, I thought I'd give some of my famous mom stats about Rosie at 3 years old!  Her birthday party ('mingo' themed!) is tomorrow so I'll do another little post all about that after that fun day...that it's threatening to have SNOW on.  UGH UGH UGH.  Anyways, onto happier pastures: Ro stats!
  • Rosie weighs 39.6 pounds (OMG, like almost 2 pounds bigger than Patrick was at 3!!) and is a shade under 38 inches tall.  She is a BIG GIRL :)
  • Still rockin' 20 teeth!
  • Has been 100% potty trained since  She is a peeing and pooping machine and after every single time she goes she always asks, "Mommy are you so proud of me?!" And every single time I reiterate how proud I am of her!  Because I truly am.
  • Rosie wears a size 9.5/10 shoe (which is a JUMP from her size 8s just back in the fall!) and has some chubby feet!  She loves picking out her own shoes and has a strong opinion on what is on her feet.
  • Speaking of, she hardly ever lets me pick out her clothes anymore...she always has to do it 'herself!!!' If I have an outfit I want/need her to wear, out comes my bribe tools! HAHA!  She is a strong-willed opinionated little lady.
  • LOVES being a sister -- both a little sister to Patrick and big sister to Annie!  Both of them are her 'best friends' and she is SO EXCITED to see them whenever they get home or if she comes home from not being with them.  It's the cutest thing EVER.  She is so protective of her siblings and I just love that fierceness about her.
  • Absolutely loves preschool and I cannot believe is less than 2 months away from being done with 2s preschool!  She loves her friends and teachers and putting her in school this year was such a great thing for her -- she has learned SO SO SO much and has grown so much since August.
  • Still a rockstar sleeper and can literally sleep anywhere, by herself or with someone!  Like she had zero problem sleeping with me at Disney World.  Moved to a big girl bed last summer and just got a bigger big girl full size bunk bed a month or so ago!  Goes down usually around 8ish and will sleep until 7/8ish the next morning.  Still takes a good 2-3 hour nap each day and lawd I'm hoping she holds onto that as much as possible.
  • Very much an avid thumb sucker and whenever she's tired (or really anytime) in goes that thumb in her mouth!  Unlike Patrick she doesn't need a trigger (like his 'monkey') -- it just goes in on its own!
  • Speaking of, she doesn't have any super attached lovies.  She tends to fluctuate between her mingos and babies and unicorn and Princess Dolly but nothing she HAS TO HAVE to go to sleep every night (which is honestly a good thing!).
  • Talks a TON.  Does.not.stop.  Makes up stories with her dolls and it's the cutest funniest thing ever.  Her speech has completely boomed since even two and a half and I just love hearing her talk and make up her stories and sing songs!  Cutest thing ever.
  • Has a temper.  OHHHH BOY does she EVER.  She can be sweet as pie one second and BAM something will set her off and 'Eva' (her alter ego crazy side) comes out and it is not pretty.  The teenage years are gonna be FUNNNN.  Haha!
  • Is very good at entertaining herself and pretty good (when she wants to!) playing with others.  She does get territorial and defensive about 'her stuff', but again, back to what I just said...can be sweet as pie and share no problem or goes off the deep end and crazy hysterical fit that someone took her stuff. 
  • Very into princesses (thank you Disney!), Peppa Pig, Flamingos, Shopkins, her dollhouse, slime, barbies, and pretty much any and all things girly.  It's so funny cause I swore if I ever had a daughter she wouldn't like this stuff but here we are! SHE LOVES IT!
  • Favorite colors are pink and purple.  Wants everything to be pink and purple!
  • Loves going on adventures with NeeNee and KiKi and Grandma -- and anyone!  She does have a bit of stranger danger with new people but her 'crew' she is totally fine with and loves spending the night at their houses and going on trips and to the movies!
  • Loves having her hair and nails done (such a girl!) -- and she'll sit still through the whole thing and let you do them to her no problem at all!  It's so cute that she loves this stuff SO MUCH.
  • Still likes a variety of food but is definitely picky about certain things and has favorites and things she does NOT like.  However, she is finicky and will go back and forth -- sometimes she loves hamburgers, some days she wants nothing to do with it!  Generally though, she will eat (or at least try) whatever is put in front of her.
  • We still have a few nicknames for her: Ro, Roey, Ro Ro, Ro Boat, Rosie girl, Sister Bear, Sissy, Princess Chickaletta, Princess, and Princess Rosie (those last 2 she has deemed herself! haha!).  Obviously quite a few nicknames for our Rosie girl!

Welp, that's about all I've got for miss Rosie at THREE.  I still can't believe she is THREE!  What a ride and past three years it's been...cannot wait to see where this little lady goes from here!  Shoot for the stars Rosie girl, you'll get there!

Here's some comparison blog postsies for ya...Patrick at 3, and then Rosie at 2 and 1 if you want to walk down memory lane with me.

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