Sunday with Annie

Ahhhh, Sunday, sweet Sunday.  How I love you so!

Today was a lazy-ish Sunday...I only had one photo shoot (SO HOT!) and then a birth meeting with a new client in the morning and that was it!  The big kids were still livin' it up at the lake so it was just me and Annie Banannie today.

I should first mention that this girl is WALKING!  I'd say she's walking about 50% of the time -- but when she falls down, whether it be after a few steps or 20, she resorts to crawling.  But! I remember Rosie doing this exact same thing, so I give her another week or so and I bet she'll be walking full time!  Oh sweet Annie girl, taking your time to walk just like your big sister did!

Annie girl also has a deep obsession with shoes, particularly ones that aren't hers, and it is SO CUTE.  She loves putting them on and off and on and off and it's just the funniest thing ever.  She gets so proud of herself for putting them on too!!

Tonight at dinner I noticed she put on Patrick's shoes ON TOP OF HERS and it was so hilarious!  Oh Annie girl!  You kill me!

We had a lovely little lunch today just the two of us, and I grabbed my camera to snappy-snap some pics of my littlest lady chowin' down.

Probably overkill on the pics but WHATEVER SHE IS SO CUTE.  And wearing her brother's old shirt cause her overnight back got left at the lake and that's all that NeeNee had! HAHA!

So I went to check on Annie during nap today...and this is what I found...

SERIOUSLY!  I didn't pose her like that (nor do I think I could if I tried!) but how freaking cute is she?!?  So addicted to her lovies, especially Purple Bunny.  That's her fave.  (Check out #AnnieandPurpleBunny on Instagram for some more cuteness).

That's about all the excitement I had with Annie today!  I wanted to toss in a few pics of the big kiddos and Scoots for good measure too...showing off Ro's new rainbow sunnies!

Aren't they cute?!?!?  I missed them SO MUCH this weekend but they had a BLAST at KiKi's lake...which, duh, I can't not mention that and toss in some pics from their lake weekend! HAHA!

They had a BLAST all weekend, especially in the pool and kayaking on the lake!  They are getting SO BIG!

I'll end with this proud moment my mom and Kate sent me...

There was a kids' parade at the lake for the 4th and Patrick, before it started, told everyone to put their hands over their hearts and he led them in the Pledge of Allegiance! How awesome is that?!?!?  I am so proud of this guy and I hope he does it for our parade on Wednesday too!

Okie dokie!  That's all I've got!  I hope everyone had a great week and wonderful 4th of July!  Have a good one friends!!!

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