9 weeks.

I know I just posted '8 weeks' (take 2!) like a few days ago it seems, but here I am OFFICIALLY 9 weeks along with #4 and back with another little uppy date!

Truly nothing exciting to report -- still feeling kinda meh -- nausea is back and is random in its comings and goings.  Some days I feel awesome and then 10 minutes later feel like I'm gonna barf and then all is fine again.  Weird super hungry but nothing sounds good feelings also.  JUST SO WEIRD!  And so different from the last 3 pregnancies! Craziness.

I still feel gigantic and can't suck in my belly anymore and like 2 pairs of shorts fit and feel comfortable to wear so if you see me in the same outfit over and over...that is why.  I shockingly have zero maternity shorts (just pants) so I'm just gonna make do with what I've got and embrace the same clothes life (and lots of wash!)

WAIT.  This is exciting I guess???! I found #4 on my doppler for long enough to take a video/recording!  This was at 8w6d so anyways, exciting to hear the little guy or gal's heart beatin' away!

That's all I've got for week 9!  Nothing exciting.  Haha!  And only 30 short (hahahahahah yeah righttttt!) weeks until this kiddo is hatched!  I say it's not gonna fly by but I'm sure it will.  Next week we'll be in the double-digits and then just a few more weeks until the second trimester hits! WOOOOOT!  Until week 10 friends, adios!

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