Weeks 4 - 8

Once again, you're probably reading this well after June 21st, but here we are again!  I've been secret-documenting #4's pregnancy since I found out (just like I did with Annie's and with Rosie's) and now that our news it out, it's time to publish this riveting weeks 4 - 11 post for you!  Saddle up, another Mooney is on his/her way!

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Thursday 6/21/18 - day we found out #4 is on his/her way!  And to say we were shocked would be an understatement.  Apparently we had a really REALLY good time on our European vacay.  HA!

Flash back to last Friday -- we were enroute back to STL from Ireland and I felt off.  My boobs were killing me and I was SOOOO tired.  I was having waves of this throughout the weekend once we returned coupled with cravings then nausea.  I took a few tests, negative, way too early to test anyways but was humoring my symptoms, and then Monday came and they all were gone.  I actually felt pretty darn good the past several days this week, which I then immediately tossed out the window any chance of being pregnant because I always ALWAYS (okay, at least with the last 2 pregnancies) feel like crap from the get-go so no way could I be.

Welp, my period, which is as regular as a Swiss watch, was due to come today and shocker, it didn't.  I thought maybe my body was still screwy from the jet-lag but I decided to take another test (all of the ones I'd taken previously had been stark white) and HOLY CATTTTSSSSSS.  That little pink line popped up reallllll quick...

So, I did what I usually do...I peed on a few more...you know, just to make sure that one was RIGHT.

YUPPPPPP.  Definitely pregnant.  #4 was on his/her way!! And truthfully, you'd think by my 4th go'round with this I'd be less shocked but nope, I very much was still VERY shocked.

So the big kids were gone -- one at Kate's lake and the other at another lake with NeeNee, so it was just me and Annie.  I brainstormed real quick about how to tell Mike when he got home from work (he was running a bit late) and found one of Rosie's old "Big Sister" shirts and thought I'd put her in that and he could see it when he came in.

Welp, Mike called and wanted us to meet him at the pool for tot time and then he was going to workout afterwards. PLAN FOILED! GAH!  I couldn't risk putting her in that shirt and someone seeing her...but then I thought I could and just have Mike meet us at the van to help me get Annie out and then he could see it...and maybe her holding one of the tests too :) Brilliant, right?!  RIGHT.

OMG, how cute was his reaction?!!  Seriously, the sweetest.  He was SO EXCITED (and shocked!) but seriously STOKED!!

So then we went about our day, I put a call in to my OB office to get my first appointment and ultrasound, and then we decided we'd wait a bit to tell the big kids (helllllooooo! They'll blab to everyone!!!) and maybe everyone else too...but who knows.  We always say that and wait like a few days or maybe a week and then tell! So we will see.

All in all, we are SO SO SO thrilled for this new addition and cannot wait to meet him or her at the end of February!

Ohhhh, and I decided to do letterboard weekly pics this go'round...so, here's the first one!

AND, duh, I HAD to get the kids on board with some pics too...much like the Disney ones from back in February, I had fun using one of the same signs! I'm sure we'll tell them soon, but until then, we are left with these! HAHA!  They have NO clue but are going to be so excited whenever they find out!

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Golly I look big already!  Haha!  Even though this kid is the size of a sesame seed, I swear my body is like OH HEY I KNOW WHAT TO DO OUT I GO!  And bam, I look super pregnant at barely 5 weeks! -- Which is funny cause I've lost about 5 pounds in the last week (and a few people have even commented "Oh wow what are you doing to lose the weight??!" and truly, I'm like "Nothing..." -- if they only knew! HAHA!).

I have actually been feeling pretty good.  No crazy nausea (a few little waves of it here and there) but I mostly have my appetite and things sound good...mostly.  It's the WEIRDEST feeling, because I will find myself SUPER hungry but then not, and then super hungry again but then nothing sounds good!  Back and forth back and forth!  But I've only had a few waves of icky nausea (I'm sure they're coming back soon in full force; I can't be that lucky!!) and that's about it.

The one thing, as my weekly snap clearly states, HOLY CATS I AM TIRED.  Like I have been laying down for a 30-60 minute nap every.single.day. (that I can!) when the kiddos are napping/having rest time.  I just can't keep my eyes open and I'm soooo exhausted!  I am waking up early, like around 6 or 6:30am for whatever reason (and sometimes earlier than that!) so I could very well be tired, but I think this first trimester exhaustion and fatigue I'm definitely feeling this go'round.

I made my first OB appointment and ultrasound, which is less than 2 weeks away!  It's crazy; when I found out I was pregnant with Annie it was FOUR agonizingly long weeks before I could get in to see my OB and ultrasound...but this one it's only 2!  I found out late last week and then the nurse does call backs on Tuesdays so I had to wait almost another week for her to schedule it!  BUT!  We are scheduled!  Wednesday, July 11th at 9:30am I'll be going in for my first ultrasound!  And then, due to me being out of town and then my OB out of town I don't get to see her until Thursday, July 26th!  So 7 weeks for my ultrasound and then 9 weeks for my first OB appointment.  I am just hoping and praying everything is okay at the ultrasound and it's not a torturous 2 week wait to see my OB.

We decided, since Patrick and Rosie are older and very aware (at least Rosie is!) of what's going on, that we are going to wait to tell them and our parents/families/friends until after my ultrasound on July 11th.  We just want to have a bit more info before we tell everyone, and we know as SOON as we tell Patrick the entire world is going to know! HAHA!  So, even though we are celebrating the heck out of this little baby right now, we are waiting for that first sonogram to give us a little peek at him/her before we spill the beans to everyone.  So, mom, dad, Rick, Kathy, etc... now you know why we waited to tell you guys! #BlamePatrick

Other than that, not much else has been going on this week!  I have been doing STEAM camp at my school (last day today. WOO HOO!!) and the big kids are enjoying Camp Kirkwood.  Truly, overall I feel pretty darn good and am still in a bit of shock that this happened SO FAST and that at the end of February we'll have a cute little babe joining our family! EEKKKK!! I.am.so.freaking.excited.

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Oh 6 weeks!  You truly aren't too bad -- I mean, compared to 6 weeks with Rosie and Annie you are a cake walk!  As my picture says, I AM SO TIRED and seriously I dream and fantasize about taking naps, but other than that I am feeling AWESOME.  I have had little bouts of nausea here and there, but nothing substantial and nothing like how I felt with the girls.  I am already convinced this one is a boy!  HAHA!

We still haven't told anyone...and our game plan is to stay mum about it until after my ultrasound next Wednesday, which is less than a week away! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!  Anyways, I'm sure I'll share all about that next week in how we decide to tell our friends and family (and then we need to come up with a social media announcement too!! EKKKKK! stay tuned my friends!).

Here's a funsies little comparison for ya: 7 weeks with Annie on the left, and 6 weeks with #4 on the right! HOLY CATS this kid is showing already!  And I have NO CLUE how no one has suspected anything (I've had FIVE people comment on how I look like I've lost weight. HA! If they only knew! But I think I have actually lost about 10lbs since I found out though...so I guess they are kinda right!) -- especially my mom.  Mom: if you're reading this now, we pulled a fast one on ya, didn't we?!?! HEHEHE!  So anxious for my appointment next week to see this little babe!

Other than that, not much else to report this week.  Still feeling good and I swear my belly is growing already! HA!  Until week 7, adios!

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Welp friends, it's official -- there is just ONE (THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD) #4 cookin' and all looked amazing at his/her first ultrasound on 7/11!!  Lucky 7/11.  This kiddo was measuring a smidgen small (which, shhhhh! I maybe lied a wittle bit about my last period date to get me in for the ultrasound before I leave tomorrow for Michigan and I didn't want to wait another 5 days to go!!) but looked awesome and had a nice strong heartbeat at 117bpm.

Such a cute little donut sprinkle, huh??! Mike saw it and said, "Awwww he's {convinced already it's a boy! haha} smiling at me!" and I was like WHAT??!  If you turn it sideways it sure does look like that little one is smiling!!  I'll take that as a great sign.

I have to wait two long weeks before I get in to see my OB because of me being out of town and then her being on vacation...so I'll be seeing her when I'm about 9 weeks and I'll have my official due date, which I think will be end of February (or maybe early March).

So once we got to see that little one on the screen, we decided to tell the kiddos and our parents and families.  Oh boy did we do a good job of keeping this secret the past 3 weeks cause they all had NO FREAKING IDEA and it was the best thing EVER.

The big kids ^^^ were SOOOOO surprised it was so amazing and fun.  Seriously, I don't think Patrick has been this excited before!  We then told Mike's parents and my parents and called a few family members to tell them too -- everyone was so thrilled!  I mean, as much as they can be.  This is our 4th rodeo so it's not THAT exciting anymore.  HAHA!

I'm still napping my way through the summer -- I AM SO EXHAUSTED.  I'm not sleeping super awesome at night which contributes to this I'm sure, but I seriously wake up everyday and fantasize about when I can take a 30-60 minute nap.  Isn't that sad?!??!  HAHA.

I've had a few killer nosebleeds this past week, which I *think* I got with Rosie too.  I'll take those as a good sign :)

As far as how I'm feeling overall, pretty good still.  Definitely once week 7 hit I seemed to feel a bit more nauseous (which could be the crazy nerves and anxiety I was feeling leading up to my ultrasound -- holy cats I've NEVER felt like that before!!!! That is not a fun feeling.at.all.) but not nearly as bad as I remember feeling with Annie (or Rosie).  Nothing sounds good to eat but nothing sounds awful either -- it is the WEIRDEST feeling. I know I NEED to eat (and should eat) just everything sounds blah most of the time.  Crazy.

Anyways, that's all I've got for week 7!! So so so excited that this little sprinkle looks healthy and is growing in there nice and strong!!  Cannot wait until we can ear him/her on the doppler!! EEKKK!!

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

So this past week we told more family (like our siblings and a few friends) so the word is GETTING OUT!  I mean, there is NO denying this bump now, is there??!  I've got another week until I see my OB and I'm anxious to meet with her and find out my official due date!  So stay tuned for that in next week's update.

Mike came up with the most creative way to tell his siblings abut #4 -- ALL of the guys, minus Matt are godfathers.  Sooooo, we got the 3 Godfather movies and then made a fourth one for Matt (and Katie!) to not only tell them about #4 but ask them to be the godparents too!

I mean, what a great idea that was, right?!  Nice one Mike :) Everyone was excited and happy and can't wait to meet this one in February!

I'm still feeling pretty darn good, just SOOO tired, and I feel like a broken record with that but dang nabit #notating and also I'll take that feeling over nausea anyyyyy day!  I have had little waves here and there but still nothing really major.  Food is meh -- like I know I need to eat and am hungry but most of the time NOTHING sounds good!!

Anddddddd this week we decided to let the cat outta the bag...cause why the heck not?! I feel huge, and gosh darn it, we want to celebrate this amazing little #4 blessing as much as we can so why not share our news?!  So, there you've got it!

Comin' at ya is your favorite weekly bump posts starting with week 9 next week.  GET EXCITED!!!

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