Days with Annie

The big kids have been livin' it up at Camp KiKi a LOT this summer (which is awesome and I'm insanely jelly of their lives cause OMG THEY HAVE SO MUCH FUN) soooooo Annie girl and I have gotten a lot of one-on-one time and it's been kinda awesome!  Maybe a glimpse into what the school year will be like since Annie will be home most days while the big kids are at school.

Annie starts nearly with woofing down a banana...which I've learned if I take out of the peel she doesn't eat it SO! Big girl it is and eating the banana and being SO GROWN UP lately.

Speaking of being SO BIG she's been eating her snacks at the big kid table and I'm wondering if we're on the verge of ditching the high chair...I feel like Rosie was not even 2 when she graduated from the high chair and Annie looks like she's on the same path!

She also helps herself to her snacks now too which is HILARIOUS.

Girlfriend is OFFICIALLY walking everywhere now (isn't it crazy how things change in less than a week?!?!?) and nothing is going to stop her!  I just love her little walk and I swear every time she gets up to toodle along she gets steadier and steadier.

We've had a few shopping excursions this week and Annie doesn't seem to mind them AT ALL.  She's a real treat to bring along shopping and her little chatter with herself is just the cutest.

Annie is obsessed with Scooter.  That is all.  And Scooter is obsessed with her so the feeling is mutual.

We had a playdate on Friday with some gals I use to work with and Annie LOVED playing with the slide and just kept going down over and over again...much like she does at the pool!  Just the cutest.  This kid can play by herself and entertain herself 24/7 if need be.

Speaking of slides, we went to the pool on Friday night and oh my gosh Annie had a blast! I brought my new GoPro and HAD to snap some pics and here's a gigantic photo dump for you.

She really had a blast and going down the slide is definitely her favorite part.  She could do that all day everyday.

Tomorrow Annie and I are heading down to the lake for the day!  I have a photoshoot first thing in the morning (ironically at the same lake my aunt lives at!) then we'll be hanging at the pool and such all day long with the big kids then heading back after dinner (the big kids are gonna stay another night #yolo).  Anyways, I hope we have a fun-filled weekend...and then we only have a few days next week here (okay till Thursday! until Patrick and I head back to Michigan so he can play with Huck all weekend and I can snap another wedding with Tiffanie).  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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