1SE: November 2018

One more month down.

Bye November.

11 out of 12 months of 2018 are over and I am officially welcoming the last month of the year to fly by for a nice fresh start for 2019 and all that in holds...which I am hoping is lots and lots of amazingly awesome good, positive, uplifting things for myself and my family...cause gosh we SO COULD use them right now.

This was a tough month.  Just a little over one month since we welcomed and had to say see ya later to Clark all at the same time and I'd be lying if I sat here typing how wonderful it was.  It really wasn't.  But, as you can see in my video and collage below, we did have some glimmers of happiness and fun.  The big kids most definitely did.  So, just as I've always done, I'll keep sharing the good -- and not so good -- because friends, that is REAL LIFE.

I think I'm going to go back to a black and white theme for 2019.  A year in black and white candid squares...which is funny because as I've really learned lately, nothing is as cut and dry as black and white is.  But I love the way black and white images look -- something so powerful with them -- so I'm going to tackle another black and white year just like I did in 2016 but with all pics being 4x4 squares...and candid snaps.  I could change my mind (haha, probably will!) but for now that's what I'm planning on doing for 2019.  So stay tuned.

Adios November...come on December.  Let's sail through and get past all of the holiday hub bub quickly so I can welcome in 2019 and hopefully a fresh start in many accords with huge open arms.

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