Post-Nap Annie

When Annie wants to get up, either in the morning or after her name, she screams, "GET ME OUT!!" And usually doesn't stop screaming until you go in and get her.  #diva

Well today, when I heard her screaming I promptly went in there and asked if she wanted to get up.  She shook her head and said "Noooooo!"  WHAT.  Make up your mind chickadee!  You were just screaming to get you out and now you don't want out?!?!  Ohhhhhhhh, toddlers.

Anyways, so I went and grabbed my camera, cause her bedhead was amazing, and started snapping.  This was the first one I captured...

Her face says it all.  She did NOT want to get up.  I mean, I don't blame was freezing out today and the wind chill was like 10 and NOPE.  Keep me in my nice heated room thankyouverymuch.

Anyways, she perked up once I told her she could have a cookie for a snack...will work for food. That's my girl!!

Such a happy little cucumber, isn't she?!??!

And I love this shot of her chubby little hands...

Is it weird that they look just like her little brother's?  Or I guess his looked just like hers.  Both have the cutest little sausage's one of the things that stands out in my mind whenever I think about him...his little fingers.  And Annie's look so much like his did.  Makes me smile happy tears thinking about it.

Anyways, happy Tuesday friends!  Hope you had a good one...I'm winding down on my crazy fall and shoots but gearing up for a busy December with SO MANY newborns to snap and THREE birth mamas! I cannot wait!  I will say, being back snapping, whether it's my own kiddos or others', is so so so good for my soul. SO GOOD.

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